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Posted on 19 January 2016

In January 2015, we quit our jobs to pursue our dream of launching a fashion line. People thought we were insane...maybe we were!  The day we committed to MESTIZA NEW YORK, we vowed to the fashion gods to endlessly trek through the garment district, spend many sleepless nights stressing over the placement of an embellishment and constantly conceptualize clothing that differentiates itself from a million other brands. Our day-to-day actually involves little bit of blood (pins can poke!), a good amount of sweat and maybe a tear or two from time to time. At the end of the day, the most rewarding part of the job is seeing our paper sketches come to life...and what better than on a gorgeous model?


We are so excited to launch our third season and can't wait to share the final images. 


In the meantime, we'd like to share what goes on behind the scenes at our photoshoots.  You are the first one to see these 100% un-retouched, raw photos taken by us!


We hope you love what we’ve created and we encourage you to comment below!




LOCATION: Alessandra’s NYC Apartment, 8:30 am
A crew of 5 arrived at Alessandra’s apartment to move out furniture and start building a set.

Meanwhile, our model, Anastasia, was in hair and makeup. We decided to give her a smoky eye, a nude lip and a deep side part.



 Ellen, our makeup artist came with a suitcase full of products! 

Anastasia looks good with cat eyes! ::meow::

At 9:45, it was time for Anastasia to dress into the first look and start shooting! We had 22 looks to get through before the end of the day. 

During the shoot, we took some photos to share with you! Tell us your thoughts in the comments! There's more to come…so stay tuned and we hope you enjoy the mini sneak peek!  

Beautiful Alhambra fabric



Ta-da! It's backless...



 Our classic terno in an eye-popping baby blue makes a debut.



Louisa & Alessandra

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  • Cheryl: January 20, 2016

    I LOVE the Alhambra dress! ❤️

  • Madame Meow: January 20, 2016

    Your styles are so unique AND beautifully feminine. Best wishes on the new collection, I’m eager to see it!?❤️

  • Vanessa Maffia: January 20, 2016

    I love them all! Cant wait till they are available.

  • lC: January 20, 2016

    Obsessed with everything- especially the cocktail coat… Want to see more!

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