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How we Designed our Iconic Tassel Dress

Posted on 20 March 2016

So many people ask us, how did you come up with the Cha Cha Cha Tassel Dress?! How did you come up with the name?! Well, we're here to tell you all the dirty details. Although the dress is uber glamorous, the process of creating the dress can be...well, not so glamorous! There is a lot of trial and error until you get it right.
It all began with one of our first designs. It was a micro-mini dress crafted in a Filipino hand woven silk cocoon with a dainty pearl trim around the cuffs. Everyone loved the shape of this dress but we felt it needed a facelift. 
We thought this a-line shape could evolve into an off-the-shoulder dress. Here is our first stab at it...it was somewhat of a fail. It was a little too big and bulky. We refined the neckline and the sweep to give it a more sleek look.
The next step was to search for new trim. We searched high and low. It wasn't easy to find something. Here is Louisa going through piles of trims. Please notice the glass of wine...trust me, it was necessary.
Then one day, Alessandra had an awakening and designed the perfect trim! It was a tassel and gold fringe combination. It was unique, on trend and worked perfectly with the garment. Before she decided this was the trim she wanted to use, she kept it in her living room over the weekend to see if she got sick of it. Luckily, she just grew to love it more and more.
We took the updated pattern, the silk cocoon and the trim to our production team who executed our idea beautifully. The "swingy" quality with the tassel embellishments reminded us of something you'd wear to dance, shimmy and shake...so we named it the Cha Cha Cha Dress!
Every time we make it available to order on our website, it sells out! We now have a limited quantity available to purchase. If you like it, get it now! It'll sell out soon! Everyone loves a Cha Cha!

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  • Peanut: March 23, 2016

    JUST GOT ONE! Love this dress. You gals are so smart!

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