Posted on 24 March 2017

When Mestiza New York Co-Founder got engaged, she asked Co-Founder,  Creative Director and friend, Alessandra Perez-Rubio to design her dream gown. "I wanted my gown to be simple yet novel. Alessandra and I decided on a form-fitting spaghetti strap gown with a scooped neckline and low back. We sourced the fabric locally in New York City and loved the embroidery on mesh because it wasn’t a typical bridal lace. It reminded me of architectural elements in the city that I see and love everyday. We lined it in a nude so you could see the details in photographs. I’ve always loved the femininity of a bow, so we crafted a removable structured bow belt in ivory silk wool. The bow accentuated my waist and offered an element of surprise when I turned around. What is so cool about my wedding gown is that many of the fabrications were repurposed fabrics from previous projects! It was special knowing that nothing went to waste and we were able to create a beautiful gown."



Whether you're a bride or simply creating a bespoke piece, here, Louisa gives 5 tips to a smooth dress fitting process.

Take a walk and have a seat

When trying on your dress, it’s important to think about the activities at your wedding: are you able to walk in it? Sit in it comfortably? Can you dance in it? Make sure you think ahead. Relay this information to your seamstress so she can make the changes accordingly.


Choose your shoes

It’s always best to make the dress longer than you’d want and then hem it to the perfect length at the very end of your fittings once you’ve determined what shoes you’ll wear. You don’t want to risk the hem being too short!


Bras matter

At your first fitting, you can work with your seamstress to determine what type of bra would be best for the dress. Some dresses may need pasties, some dresses may need more support or padding. At your next fitting, determine the bra you want to wear and fit it with the dress for a perfect fit.


Know your angles

We made a custom gown for a bride who wanted an embellishment on one side of her dress. We asked her which side would be photographed the most and decided on her right side because she will be standing that way at the altar. Think about where you will be photographed and make sure your embellishments and best features will be showing!

Speak up!

You know your body best and if there is something that looks off to you, don’t be afraid to ask questions and make changes.


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Are you a bride looking for a custom gown? Email us at info@mestiza-ny.com to inquire! See more photos on Style Me Pretty. 

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