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Behind the Seams - Spring 2019 Fittings!

Posted on 14 July 2018

It's that time of the season again - muslin fittings! Every piece we make here, whether it's that fabulous cocktail dress you can wear all year round or the most gorgeous gown for a once in a lifetime event, goes through multiple rounds of edits and adjustments and even complete re-work so that we know they're absolutely perfect. 

Today we have a special treat...we're taking you "behind the seams" with us for an inside look at our Spring 2019 collection!

First up we have some final fittings for dresses from our fall collection - which means you'll be getting to see these sooner rather than later!

This dress is actually from our Holiday 2018 collection, which means it will release a little later in the year. Is anyone else just completely enraptured by how gorgeously that satin back crepe is folding?!
Now onto some Spring 2019 pieces!


Our fit model, Meggie (@ladymeggie on Instagram!) is an absolute doll - and we can always trust her to tell us what is or isn't working with each piece, and what changes need to be made.


Notice that hanging strap? That's just one of the many changes we make whenever we're doing fittings. In this case, the straps weren't sitting the way Alessandra wanted them to, so she took some scissors and safety clips to it to reposition the strap until it was perfectly settled against Meggie's shoulders and chest. 



We still have fun as we work too - everyone's just so excited to finally be seeing our designs come to life that we can't keep the smiles off of our faces!

Just one last photo from our fitting of Alessandra and Meggie examining the dress from every angle - we want to make sure that whenever you're wearing one of our dresses, every angle is your best angle!

If you loved looking at these photos and want to see more, make sure to follow our Instagram page and check our stories! We're always posting behind-the-scenes photos and videos as we slowly work towards finishing development for our latest line, and would love to share that journey with even more of you!

Can't wait until our newest products release to shop Mestiza? Click here to go to our Products page and shop previous collections (I've got my eye on the Deia Mini Dress!), and keep an eye out for new pieces!

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