Hidden Gems - Top 5 Places for Hairstyling in NYC

Posted on 12 July 2018

"If your hair is done properly and you have on good shoes, you can get away with anything." - Iris Apfel

From days at work to nights at galas, the perfect hair do can bring an outfit to the next level. The struggle to get that smooth blowout or sleek updo can sometimes feel impossible on your own, but today we've rounded up 5 different hair salons where you can find your best, most glamorous style! 

Join us as we explore the depths of New York City for those hidden gems!

1. Picture Perfect Braids

Getting those picture perfect braids is a struggle we're all intimately familiar with. I know that every time I french braid my hair it takes at least 583 tries to get it exactly how I want it, and if I want anything slightly fancier it's going to also take a small army of bobby pins and hair ties. If you don't have the time or patience left to deal with braiding your own hair, make sure to book an appointment with the John Barrett Salon's Braid Bar! Located in the penthouse floor of Bergdorf Goodman's on 5th Avenue, you're sure to feel absolutely pampered and spoiled as expert stylists work on your hair. And if you're in a rush, multiple satisfied customers have claimed that it took as little as 15 minutes for their braids to be done!

Braids alone cost around $60, with prices changing depending on additional services.

Our before-you-go tip? Make sure to arrive with clean, dry hair, since that's some of the easiest hair to work with! 

And once you're done? Give it a few extra sprays of some extra strength hairspray, to make sure it'll last all night. 

The perfect Mestiza dress to style with your new braids? The Deia Mini Ruffle Dress in Magnolia!

2. Luxurious Color

Every hairdo needs a bit of an upgrade sometimes, and what better way to do that than with a fresh new color? Whether you're simply covering up some grays or going for an entirely new shade, Salon Ziba is our go-to answer. Avoid repeating the hair mistakes of your youth (I still shudder whenever I remember the brief period where I had fire-engine red hair) and go to the stylists that you can trust!

Prices start at $85, and increase depending on the service and the experience of your stylist.

Our tip to maintain your perfect color? Make sure to get a color safe shampoo - we recommend the TRESemme Keratin Smooth Pro Collection Shampoo if you're on a budget, or the Pureology Hydrate Shampoo if you're looking for something a little higher end. And instead of using conditioner in the shower make sure to grab a leave in conditioner; our favorite is the Ava Haircare Spray. Finally, don't forget that cold water is a must! Warm or hot water will wash your money down the drain.

Not sure what outfit to wear to best match with your new color? We recommend our Ines Bow Tie Tank Dress!

This black and white tank dress is perfect for summer, and will provide the perfect contrast to your bright new style!

3. Flawless Blowout

For a flawless blowout, you have to go to Soon Beauty Lab! With two Brooklyn locations and a Manhattan salon as well, you're sure to find a spot near you. One of the Mestiza founders, Louisa Rechter, is a huge fan of theirs and is sure to go to Soon Lab whenever she needs that fabulous styling before her next party! Their stylists are all friendly and easy to chat with, and the pre-style hair wash feels simply amazing. Plus, the chic towel bun they wrap your hair in while it's drying is practically made for your next Instagram story.

Louisa enjoying her time at Soon Beauty!

A blow dry at Soon Beauty Lab will cost about $50 and increases in price as your stylist increases in experience. You can also get your hair trimmed and touched up here for that extra finesse!

Our get-your-money's-worth tip? Invest in some good dry shampoo to extend the life of your blowout for a few extra days! We love the Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo, since it gets rid of excess oil while also giving your hair an extra little "oomph".

The perfect ballgown to go with your luscious locks? Our Georgiana Ball Gown in Porcelain Jacquard will keep all eyes on you!

4. Gorgeous Bride

Sometimes you need some one-on-one attention, and that sentiment isn't truer any other time than on your big day (or any other day where all of the attention will be on you!). Ellen Guhin is our go-to stylist for our model shoots, and is an absolute doll when it comes to making sure you look your most fabulous. Don't let all the stress of looking great fall on your shoulders - reach out to Ellen and let her expertise guide the way! Ellen is also a true artist when it comes to makeup application, so you can trust her to make sure that every angle will be your best angle!

Prices will vary depending on your event and desired look, so make sure to reach out to her email address ellen.guhin@gmail.com and speak with her directly. 

Our tip to make sure you get exactly what you want? Well first, trust Ellen and understand that when you hired her you purchased the whole package! She knows what she's doing and will make sure that your final look perfectly compliments the rest of you. And if you need a little extra help describing what you'd like from her, make sure to bring along some inspiration and reference photos to give a clear picture of your desires!

Ensure that your outfit will make you look and feel as good as your new hair does in our chic and gorgeous Valentina Fit and Flare dress!

5. Sleek Ponytail

Here at the office, we hesitated to include the Dry Bar in this list, simply because it feels less like a hidden gem and more like an everywhere gem (mainly due to the fact that the Dry Bar has locations all across the country, and is many people's go-to spot for a blowout). But after our founder Louisa decided to check them out on a whim, we discovered that they are our new go-to spot for the perfect sleek ponytail! Infamously difficult to get exactly right, the sleek ponytail is one of those deceptively simple looking styles that can actually be even more difficult than a fancier looking updo. Instead of tearing your hair out because it just won't lie flat, go to the Dry Bar and have one of their talented stylists help you instead!

Make sure to ask for an "Uptini", which their classification for updos and ponytails! And take a look at their website for other options open to you. 

Our final tip for this post? Bring a chic hair accessory with you to up your ponytail game to the next level - we love this golden snake hair tie from Jennifer Behr, another designer based here in New York City!

And nothing says chic and sophisticated better than bright red and bare shoulders - to really take full advantage of your new 'do make sure to wear it out with our glamorous Lola!

Where's your favorite hair salon located? How do you love to style your hair for a special occasion? Leave us a comment and let us know - we're not ready to stop going to new salons yet!

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