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Hidden Gems - Top 5 Places in NYC for Cocktails

Posted on 18 September 2018

Everyone knows that New York City is the capital of cocktails. Just live here for a week and you’ll no doubt realize that the majority of New Yorkers’ favorite activities all center around getting a perfect glass of delicious alcohol – even I’ve sometimes planned weekend brunch with friends purely for the sake of a few mimosas. Of course, there are so many options here that it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming.

But no need to worry any longer! Whether you’re a born and bred New Yorker or simply visiting on vacation, here are our top 5 favorite places for a cocktail!

Top 5 Cocktails in NYC

1. Genuine Liquorette

This California roadside-esque eatery serves fantastic burgers and even better cocktails. A favorite of Mestiza sweetheart and Business Development and Fashion Associate Molly Fitzpatrick, you're basically guaranteed a good time starting from the moment you enter the restaurant. 
Cocktails here are all delicious, although we must admit to having favorites. We particularly recommend selecting any of the drinks with shooters - they're by far the most aesthetic! (After all, if a gorgeous photo isn't taken did you really even
Molly's go to drink is a mojito featuring a full can of Sprite with a shooter and mint leaf peaking out of the top! Not only are the drinks decently strong, but it's the perfect place to go on a Thursday evening before your dinner reservations at fabulous nearby restaurant Rubirosa Pizza.
Cocktail Menu:

2. Le CouCou

Next up on our list is the perfect spot for those looking to snap some ~moody~ shots for Instagram. Located in stylish Soho, this gorgeous restaurant is a fantastic way to wrap up an already fabulous night. The ambiance is pleasant, and you'll find yourself hard pressed to stay focused on the conversation when you can stare at the décor instead!

Fair warning - this is a rather high end restaurant, so be sure to leave the flip flops and shorts at home if you're visiting them during their dinner hours. Instead, don your favorite Mestiza dress and feel right at home in this upscale eatery!

So far, all of us Mestiza girls have adored every single cocktail we've tried here at Le CouCou! Just try whichever drink strikes your fancy, and be sure to let us know too (we're always looking for an excuse to go back!). 

3. Raines Law Room

If you're looking for a chance to feel like a real insider, then you absolutely have to check out Raines Law Room. After making your way past the unmarked door and ringing the bell, you'll find yourself inside a cozy and chic bar with a distinct Prohibition-era feel to it. Dim lighting and comfy seating, while not necessarily as photo-op friendly as the two previous locations, do make for a wonderfully intimate setting. Grab some friends - recommended party size is 4, but no larger than 6 - and make your way into the Raines Law Room for a fun night of chatting and relaxing!

Their drinks menu is too extensive to share images of it here - this post would practically triple in size if we did! - but that size also means that there will be a perfect drink for everyone at this bar.

4. Frenchette

A favorite of one of our founders, Louisa Rechter, this cute little eatery is the perfect spot for an afternoon drink with your friends or significant other. Not only are their drinks amazing, but their French-inspired food is delicious as well!

And for those die-hard brunch fans - according to their website, Frenchette will soon be expanding their menu and hours to include breakfast, brunch, and lunch!

If you're looking for some recommendations on drinks, Louisa and her husband recommend a negroni if you're wanting something alcoholic, or a virgin lemonade with some ginger added if you'd like to avoid alcohol. Just look at this photo - isn't it such a photogenic combination?!

For those who would like some other options, here's a screenshot of some of their other offerings!

5. Ophelia

And finally on our list is the absolutely gorgeous Ophelia lounge. Located on the 26th floor of the historic Beekman Tower, this dining experience is the perfect alternative to New York's many iconic rooftop bars. With an unrivaled view of the East River, and a custom designed interior, this is the perfect spot to indulge in your most fabulous self - without having to fear the fluctuating temperatures or the changing weather.


Much like the aforementioned Raines Law Room, Ophelia draws its décor inspiration from the past. As soon as you enter you feel transported back in time to the Art Deco era, and vintage vibes abound! 

Although known far better for their drinks, the menu at Ophelia doesn't disappoint either. They offer dishes at a range of portions sizes and prices, making it an experience easily adaptable to you. 


I can't help myself, I'm including one more image of the interior. I just cannot get over how darling this lounge is! 

Obviously if you're going to all of these places you're going to also need an outfit to match! Here's our recommendation for the perfect cocktail attire:

Our Picks!

The gorgeous Lauren Godet Mini Dress from our just-released Fall 2018 Collection
A pair of unique and fun bird earrings from Annette Ferdinandsen
The Cooper Small Crossbody Clutch from Botkier
And a pair of perfect work loafers from Nicholas Kirkwood

This outfit is the perfect thing to take you from a day full of meetings and conference calls, to a night of delicious cocktails and laughing with your friends!

Where is your go-to cocktail bar located? What's your favorite drink to order after a stressful day? Comment below and let us know!









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