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Hidden Gems - Top 5 Ways to Maintain Your Summer Glow

Posted on 28 August 2018

Effortless glow with none of the damage that comes from tanning beds is the name of the game this summer! Everyone wants to maintain that perfect tan to match their perfect Mestiza dress, but with the number of options available in NYC it can be kind of overwhelming to decide where to go.

To help make it easier for all of you, we've picked out 5 ways to keep your tan fresh this summer, including traditional spray tans, outdoor locations, and even at home treatments!

Hidden Gems - Summer Glow

1. Blushington

First up on our list is Blushington, a makeup artist and esthetician staffed salon with locations all across the country (for those Mestiza beauties who don't live in the big city!). If you're satisfied with your body tan but would like your face to match, book an appointment and make your way in for a personalized service that is sure to please. 

Blushington was founded by an alumni from the same university (Go Washu!) as our founders Louisa and Alessandra, so you know that you can trust her judgement!

Full Face - $68

See other options here

2. Gotham Glow

Next up is Gotham Glow. One of the better-know salons in NYC, Gotham Glow is the go-to place for big companies like Victoria's Secret and Sports Illustrated, as well as innumerable celebrities and bloggers. They're famous for their signature tan, aptly named the "Gotham Glow", but their other options mean that you can get the perfect tan for your skin.

And if you don't have time to travel all the way to their Broadway location (right next to Madison Square Park) then no worries! They'll travel to you, and offer several different at-home tanning packages. 

Gotham Glow Full Body - $75

See other options here

At-Home - $175

See other options here

3. Sunbathing in Washington Square Park

With everything in this city costing more and more money every day, sometimes it's best to take advantage of the few free amenities there are. One of the bigger ones? The New York Public Parks. 

Anytime the sun is out you'll see dozens, if not hundreds, of New Yorkers working on their tans in any one of the parks - but we recommend Washington Square! Obviously some of the bigger parks, like Central Park, gives you more space to spread out, if you'd rather not feel like an animal in a zoo with hundreds of tourists walking past and staring at you then Washington Square is a good option. 

Of course we all want to stay protected while we're tanning - and tanning out in the sun is one of the easier ways to get burned (literally and figuratively). After all, you'd be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't know about the threat of skin cancer after too long in the sun, and even just basic burns can hurt for ages.

So, our recommendation to stay safe?

 - Make sure to use a trusted sunscreen (here's our recommendation) of about SPF30

 - Don't stay in the sun for longer than 2 hours (after a certain point your skin won't be able to produce melanin anymore, and instead will just begin to burn)

 - And don't use products that promise a faster tan. Trust your skin to tan at a safe and healthy rate, and enjoy your all-natural glow!

4. Rosangela Skin Care and Spa

Sometimes you'd like to be pampered for a little bit before getting your summer glow on - and that's where Rosangela Skin Care and Spa comes in! Trusted by all who walk in their doors, this spa is the perfect place to feel relaxed on the inside and gorgeous on the outside. And their location in the heart of NYC means that if you'd ever like to take a longer lunch, well, this is as good a spot as any to do it!

Full Body Regular - $63 (an express version is available for $98)

Hot Stone Massage - $70 (30 minutes) or $110 (60 minutes)

See other pricing options here 

5. Tanning at Home

For some of us there just isn't enough time to make it out to a salon, and we have to rely on ourselves to get that perfect tan. At home spray tans are one of the most convenient options available, and are typically much cheaper than asking a professional to do it. That being said, you don't want your friends being able to tell the difference between a tan you did yourself and one you paid for, so here are our tips on getting that perfect, streak-less glow:

 - Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!! Before you do anything you want to make sure that your skin is smooth for a nice, even application. You also want to use an exfoliator that is oil free, so it won't react with your tanner. We recommend this one by Origins.

 - Apply using a gentle, circular motion, rather than an up-and-down stroke, to avoid dark lines on the skin.

 - Make sure to wear gloves when applying the tanner so that your fingers don't end up 5 shades darker than the rest of your body. Once you're done applying everywhere else, you can put a small dab on the back of your hands to rub together so that they still match.

- Don't apply tanner to areas where sun wouldn't reach, like your palms and the bottom of your feet, and make sure to dilute the tanner with moisturizer for drier areas like your elbows and knees (because they're so dry, they'll end up absorbing more color than the rest of your body).

 - If you mess up, don't freak out! Use this "Tan Detox" Bath Oil as a way to relax and breathe while excess tan buildup is broken down and removed. Step out of the tub ready to try again!

Here are some of our favorite at-home tanners!

Supergoop's Healthy Glow Sunless Tan Broad Spectrum Suncreen SPF 40



What are your tips and tricks for the perfect summer tan? Let us know in the comments!

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