LOUISA: When defining our brand and collection, both Alessandra and I agreed that we love purchasing and styling cocktail dresses. We have a lot of events in our lives that we want to look good for. We want to be elegant, on-trend and be wearing something that will spark a conversation. We are willing to spend the money on something that will last in our closets for years and ignite fun memories when we pull them from our closets. We know there are a lot of amazing brands out there that our customers shop for cocktail attire…we just don’t think it’s a focus for a lot of these designers. We want to be THE cocktail dress destination.


LOUISA: I think one of the things that has helped us keep going is we are always taking meetings. We meet with all different walks of life from CEO’s, other emerging designers, lawyers…everyone has a unique point of view on the fashion industry and our brand. We take all thoughts into consideration and try to find which angles best suit us and propel us in the right direction. It’s really important to get diverse feedback to inspire you and give you ideas.

ALESSANDRA: I’m always reading, people-watching, looking at vintage photographs to find inspiration. If I’m having a creative block, sometimes it’s best to separate myself, drink a glass of wine, have a talk with friends and the ideas will come!


ALESSANDRA: The collection is expanding rapidly. You will see a wider range of silhouettes and fabrications. While we want to remain true to being a cocktail attire brand, you will see items that can be worn in a more casual sense. And we’d love to do shoes too!

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