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Wedding Wednesday: Love in the Time of Mestiza

Posted on 14 October 2020

If we've learned anything over the past few months, it's that love adapts. Today, we're taking a look at wedding parties that embraced the pandemic curveball and managed to make these "unprecedented times" inspiringly intimate. These weddings may have scaled down in size, but not in their capacity to celebrate love and human connection.
Keep reading to see the opulent Mestiza gowns that bring the magic to these small ceremonies. Love (and party dresses!) will find a way!
Alexia Toomey (@sneaki2me) looks classically elegant in the Georgiana Gown.

Mary Holbrook Johnson (@mholbrookjohnson) celebrating her nuptials in the classic Cleo Gown. Our jaws are dropped!

Lea Brzyski of Two Scoops of Style styled one of our iconic Chinoiserie dresses for her rooftop micro-wedding.

Lea says of downsizing: "I think it’s helpful to sit down with your partner and each come up with one or two things that you feel you have to have to create the image of your special day. Sometimes all the bells and whistles aren’t needed when you get down to the heart of it."

@mfilomio44 ties the knot in the the stunning Georgiana Gown.
Olivia Chan (@thelivstyle) looked absolutely breathtaking in the Emery Gown in her May engagement photoshoot.


Caila Quinn (@cailaquinn) shines during her engagement photoshoot in our Georgiana Gown in Porcelain Blue.

Caila advises, "...For those brides-to-be that canceled their wedding, I am so sorry. I hope maybe you can find a small way to celebrate your original wedding date together and maybe have a celebration in the future. There are no rules when it comes to weddings, so what works for you as a couple is all that matters." 

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