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This Sunday scroll along and view Mestiza's heritage collection alongside photographs of women in similar fashions. Our heritage designs encompass traditional motifs of island styles such as bell-shaped sleeves, colorful floral fabrics, with embellishments of pearl buttons, tassels, and embroidery. Click our photographs and make these iconic looks a part of your lifestyle.
Higgins, Mark. Miss Philippines Edith Nakpil. 1956.
Higgins, Mark. Miss Philippines Edith Nakpil. 1956.
Elliana Barong mini dress in blue with palm embroidery
Mestiza. Summer Days with Elliana. Palm Beach, FL. 2023
Kruger Postcards. Philippines - Fruit Vendor. 1960s.
Kruger Postcards. Philippines - Fruit Vendor. 1960s.
Blue and white mini dress with buttons
Mestiza. Sunrise in the CarmenPalm Beach, FL. 2023.
United Artists Press Photograph. Rita Moreno in 'So Young, So Bad'. 1950.
United Artists Press Photograph. Rita Moreno in 'So Young, So Bad'. 1950.
Off the shoulder day dress Mestiza
Mestiza. Poised in the Primavera. Palm Beach, FL. 2023.
Universal Pictures Press Photograph. Barbara Perez in 'No Man is an Island.' 1962.
Universal Pictures Press Photograph. Barbara Perez in 'No Man is an Island.' 1962.
3D floral lace mini dress
Mestiza. Flora with her Flowers. St. Louis, MO. 2022.
Lucky Studio Photography. Priscilla 'Nene' Sarenas Ignacio, Davao City. 1930s.
Lucky Studio Photography. Priscilla 'Nene' Sarenas Ignacio, Davao City. 1930s.
Blue and white palm toile dress
Mestiza. Up to for anything in the Torero. Palm Beach, FL. 2023.
Birns, Jack. Consuelo Madrigal. Manila. 1949.
Birns, Jack. Consuelo Madrigal. Manila. 1949.
Ivory gown with bold floral print
Mestiza. Arriving in the Gloria. Palm Beach, FL. 2023.  

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