Keepsakes designed to be passed down with your own legacy.


When Alessandra Perez-Rubio & Louisa Rechter Takacs first met as college students, they immediately bonded over their shared ties to the Philippines. Unbeknownst to them, the hazy memories of their inspirational and fashionable foremothers would eventually serve as the cornerstone of their brand. Mestiza New York creates iconic styles for iconic people – timeless, polished and dazzling as the women who wear them.

Like the garments worn by their foremothers, we produce thoughtful designs in limited quantities. Our products are crafted with the highest of quality to stand the test of time, adding polish and a bit of magic to your look, no matter the occasion.


It’s widely known that the fashion industry is harmful to the environment, especially with the rise of fast-fashion which is quickly filling up our landfills. Our solution is to make well-made, classic silhouettes you can wear time and time again. Our thoughtful, data-driven designs are manufactured in small batches to ensure less waste and less chance of someone else showing up in the same dress as you. We encourage our customers to covet each Mestiza piece they purchase, wear it often and pass them down as heirlooms for years to come.


The key to a garment that lasts is a perfect fit. Alessandra and Louisa strive to ensure each piece fits you like a glove. However, if you find that your piece needs a bit of a nip/tuck, do not fret! We offer free virtual tailoring on full price, eligible purchases. Learn more.


Fully owned and operated by two women, Mestiza understands the challenges faced by women in business. Since inception, we have aimed to help women stand out. We do this through our unique, limited edition designs, our yearly partnerships the women of the Habi Philippine Textile Council, our Tastemaker Series, and through our Heirloom Project, where our excess inventory is gifted to deserving high school seniors across the United States.


Your shopping experience should be personalized. Take our virtual style assessment to find the silhouette that’s perfect for you.

Our dedicated customer service team understands our product on a deep level and can offer you style advice, care instructions or, put you in touch directly with the founders!

The Mestiza New York buzz

“But the real magic is in the wearing of it. Because when you’re snuggly, chicly esconsed in a dress made by a woman- led brand that’s committed to raising up other women how could you *not* feel this great?”

“Sometimes an abbreviated hemline is all you need to take a look from polished to full-blown bombshell.”

“Mestiza offers sophisticated cocktail dresses that make a statement - Cool dresses inspired by the Philippines.”

Two women of mixed identity

Alessandra Perez-Rubio Loverde is of Spanish and Filipino descent. She was bi-culturally raised in Manila, Philippines and Atherton, California. She now resides in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, with her husband and two sons, Dominic and Carlos.

Louisa Rechter Takacs grew up in an interfaith family in St. Louis, Missouri. Her mother hailed from Cebu, Philippines prior to moving to the states. Louisa now lives in Manhattan with her husband and two children, Elliott and Clementine.