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Elle Ellinghaus, Fashion Writer, Shares her Style Tips

This Saturday, we're chatting with Elle Ellinghaus who told us all about her personal spin on the Cha Cha Tassel Dress. Her vibrant femininity and love for light colors transcends completed the look. Read below for more of her style tips! 
Elle Ellinghaus, Fashion Writer
How would you describe your style?
" Palm Beach meets Southern Belle. Does that make sense? My style is very pastel, feminine, preppy and beachy. You willI never see me in a dark color because I believe in cheerful dressing. It isn’t really possible to be sad when you wear pink, right?"
Who is your style icon?
" Oh, I adore so many! Reese Witherspoon is the epitome of charm and I truly love her style beyond words. My staples are hot rollers, gingham and pink lip gloss, just like her. I also adore the individuality and ambition of Lilly Pulitzer and the demure femininity of Doris Day. "
Elle Ellinghaus, Fashion Writer
How'd you style the Cha Cha Tassel Dress? Can you share any of your styling/fashion tips? 
"There is so much glam on this stunner of dress that I didn’t want to take away from it with too many accessories. “Less is more” and with all of this detailed stitching, I wanted to let the dress wear me. I added a simple chain necklace and bracelet, plain clutch in a complimenting blush color, and shiny gold heels to keep the shimmery dress detail going. This dress is so fun and it can be fancied up or dressed down with a pair of casual wedges for an outdoor event easily!"
What would be your ideal way to spend a day in this dress?
"Somewhere I can dance, or somewhere with a light breeze! The tassels on this dress are even better in person and they twirl and flow beautifully. The dress is loose fitting with a lot of coverage to be worn during the day, but still shows off your curves to be sexy enough for a night out. So, truly anywhere—anytime!" 
What has been your favorite summer cocktail?
" Usually I am a summer sangria lover, but this summer has been Prosecco cocktails! My favorite to date is Prosecco and strawberry purée with a little hint of mint, vodka and honey. You’ll be asking for thirds, but may not be remembering it. Hee hee!"

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