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Aurea Sanabria Molaei, Founder and Creative Director at Flower Bodega

Spring is coming and entrepreneur Aurea's floral creations have us excited for warmer weather! Her combination of creativity and hope for the future inspires us to remember how strong women can be, especially during this crazy year. 

Introduce yourself!
Hi! I’m Aurea Sanabria Molaei and I’m the Founder and Creative Director at Flower Bodega. Flower Bodega is a modern floral design and content studio based in NYC. We focus on events, installations, and floral experiences. 
Aurea Sanabria Molaei of Flower Bodega

Aurea in the perfect season-in-transition look, the Shimmy Shimmy Tassel Dress in Emerald with Black Sequins and Tassels

What characteristics (cultural, personality etc) make you unique?

Our creations are told through the lens of moods and storytelling and I think that sets us apart. We make sculptural floral designs that have full back stories, names, mood boards, and music playlists to make the floral experience feel more immersive.

What motivated you to start Flower Bodega?

I worked as an event producer for many years and fell in love with florals while helping out on site for a few dinner parties and installations. I was lucky enough to continue building my skills on the job, taking on new challenges and learning new techniques. Working full time as an event producer and moonlighting as a florist began to take a toll on my schedule, so I decided to take the plunge and focus on Flower Bodega full time. 

Check out all of Aurea's gorgeous arrangements on her website and instagram!

Where do you draw inspiration from for your floral designs?
I draw inspiration from film, music, fine art, fashion, textile design, and furniture design. I love to play with different color stories and create based on the feeling I get when watching certain movies or listening to certain music. 
Flower Bodega founder Aurea Sanabria Molaei
What is the most rewarding aspect about what you do?

The most rewarding aspect about what I do is having the allowance to be expressive through creativity and experimentation. I feel fulfilled creatively and I love being able to share that with our clients and followers. I teach workshops and launched a youth program which allows me to share my love of florals and inspire new generations to tap into their creativity. That is something I’m really proud of.

How do you interpret “invest in yourself?” and what are the types of things you do to invest in/empower yourself?

To me, “Investing in yourself” means that you’re taking the steps to become better personally and professionally. Taking courses to develop or build upon your skill set, applying critical thinking to what you bring to the table but still remaining compassionate to yourself are ways you can invest in becoming a better person and contributor to your work.

Why is it important to you to empower women?
It’s important to empower women because when one of us wins, we all win. I believe in supporting and helping to pave the way for future generations of women so that it isn’t so difficult for them to break through or experience the same challenges I faced in my career. Women are intelligent, strong, resilient and contribute to so much creatively. We all deserve a seat at the table. 
Aurea Sanabria Molaei florals
What draws you to the Mestiza brand?

Mestiza is a brand that feels classic and elegant. The dresses give me a sense of 1960’s nostalgia while still feeling modern and fresh. 

How did you like your Mestiza piece?! Any details on how it fit or made you feel?

I love my Mestiza dress. The emerald and black combo is very chic and I love the tassels, they’re so much fun. It’s very comfortable and I can’t wait to dance in it! 

Please share an inspirational tip to someone looking to follow your footsteps.
My tip for someone looking to follow in my footsteps is to work hard and continue to push yourself. Never stop learning and remain humble. Be kind and sharp but also protect yourself and everything you contribute. Respect your value and the opportunities will come your way. When they do, you’ll be ready to take on anything.

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