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Mestiza's Heirloom Project in Partnership with Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls in St. Louis

Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls in St. Louis
In 2020, Louisa and Alessandra launched the Mestiza Heirloom Project as a way to empower communities of women who are leaving a legacy. This past February, we met with high school seniors at Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls in St. Louis to gift them each a Mestiza piece to empower them on the next step of their journey. Today, we're sharing what each student plans to do after graduation. Read more below!
Hawthorn School of Leadership for GirlsNyara D.: "I am very proud to be a graduate of Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls. Right now, my plan after Hawthorn is to attend St. Louis Community College. I would like to attend law school after undergraduate school."
Hawthorne Leadership School for GirlsNila D.: "I am proud to share that I have been accepted by a few colleges! After Hawthorn, I plan to enjoy the summer. I will decide where I would like to attend and what to study during my vacation."
Hawthorn Leadership School for GirlsSarah F.: "After graduating from Hawthorn Leadership School, I will be attending University of Columbia. My goal and hope is to major in Psychology. I'm excited!"
Hawthorn Leadership School for GirlsAriauna J.: "I am happy to share that I have been accepted into the Tiger Program at the University of Missouri, Columbia. As for what I will study, I am still undecided but, excited to discover what I am interested in through general courses and meeting new people."
Hawthorn Leadership School for GirlsBonita S.: "Now that I am a graduate of Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls, I will be starting as a certified nursing assistant. My hopes are to eventually become a registered nurse. Helping community is something that is important to me."
Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls Elaysia R.: "Now that I am a graduate of Hawthorn Leadership School, I will be enjoying the summer break, and taking some time to work. I also will be thinking and deciding what I'd would like to do next."

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