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It's (Almost) the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Is it just me, or has this year flown by? It feels like once summer is over and fall rolls around, time goes by twice as fast. All of a sudden, seemingly out of nowhere, the December holidays are a week away and you have countless people you still need to gift. In the past, gift giving has never been my strong suit. My older sister, Vanessa, is quite the opposite. She is a planner and starts shopping for gifts at the end of September. Her gifts are always perfectly thoughtful and just what I wanted. Me, on the other hand? I agonize and worry, put things in my cart, abandon them, then wait until the last minute when everything I initially wanted is sold out, and, ultimately, get stuck with something mediocre. 

When we started Mestiza, Louisa and I would always dream about how we wanted to grow the brand, because we always knew we would never just stop at cocktail dresses. This year, I’m excited to say, it's finally happening… and just in time for the holiday season! We have some very special things in the pipeline coming in the realm of gifts that you not only would want to give, but also pieces and keepsakes you would want to receive yourself. Lou and I have been working for months curating the perfect little capsule collection for you all, and I am particularly excited to gift all my loved ones gifts from Mestiza. Stay tuned for our very first foray into accessories coming October 20th: We sincerely hope you fall in love with what we have curated, and created.
A sneak peak to what's dropping this upcoming Wednesday...

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