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Katzie Guy-Hamilton, Entrepreneur, Patissier, and Author

Just in time for the holiday known for delicate sweet treats, we had the pleasure of chatting with Mestiza lover, Katzie Guy-Hamilton! This empowered entrepreneur shows us where dedication and an inspired mindset can get you by setting and achieving goals even against the odds of the pandemic.
Katzie has been kind enough to offer Mestiza customers a special treat from Cassata Bakery for Valentine's Day! Check it out below. 
Introduce yourself!
Hi! My name is Katzie Guy-Hamilton and I have been running with my multi-hyphenate nature since birth. I am a trained Pastry Chef, Health Coach, Food and Beverage Executive that wrote a book: Clean Enough and started a bakery in the pandemic: Cassata Bakery
Cassata Bakery Katzie Guy-Hamilton
Katzie stuns in the Stephanie Bow Dress
What characteristics (cultural, personality, etc..) make you unique?
Well, I love to create opportunities for people to experience joy. That is my why and my vision is to continue to create joy inducing luxury sweets with Cassata Bakery. I cook vibrant, fresh and healthy food which saves room for Cassata Bakery and well, feeling great is very much Joy inducing. I am curious and creative, driven and well aware of the simple things in life that truly give it meaning. I have lived many lifetimes and will continue to.
What sparked your love for both pastry and clean eating?
Not feeling well sparked my interest for clean eating. My creativity in my youth became very channeled into making sweets, my brain thought through the lens of sugar. With that and entering an industry that is not for the faint of heart led me to feel like I was struggling and the only way out of a struggle is with sustainable changes.  Quick fixes started to exhaust me and I wanted to grow as a person, both with how I felt about myself and my knowledge.  Eating well, cooking well and supporting non dogmatic approaches to health that honored my love of outrageously elegant and simple desserts has just always made sense and when put into action, well, it absolutely works. I of course have swung too far in either direction, which never feels “right”. I think that clean eating and delicious desserts are my flow state.
What has been the most rewarding aspect of starting your own venture?
You do not know what it is like to be an entrepreneur until you truly go for it. Writing a book was similar yet completely different. With Cassata Bakery we have created something that solves holiday gifting problems, is as beautiful as it is delicious and is offering our gifts to the world. Seeing your work on the doorsteps of people you love and those you do not know is incredibly rewarding. To affect change is rewarding. With Clean Enough we have something that will stand the test of time for the approach is timeless, that I can feel good about now and I am certain of it when I am in a rocking chair.
Katzie Guy-Hamilton personal style
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Your book, Clean Enough, has the most beautiful design aesthetic! How do you feel that sense of creativity and a discerning eye shows through when it comes to your fashion sense?
Understated luxury is my highest ideal. The effortless elegance makes me feel incredible and truly, having an arsenal of white linen shirts leaves room for the wow factor when I dress up. I simply love having a “uniform”: my jeans, button downs, loafers. I love equally to really put on something show stopping when I get fully dressed. That juxtaposition makes me feel so confident.  Tulle, bright colors, beautiful cuts.  I think that dresses and gowns bring so much energy to your sense of style and to the events that you wear them to.
Not only is Clean Enough beautifully thought out, but the Cassata Bakery website is as sophisticated and chic as Katzie herself (and wow, those treats look mouth-watering!). 
What is your favorite recipe from Clean Enough?
On the savory side: absolutely the Rainbow Carrot Salad. There is so much flavor and vibrance in a seemingly simple salad. The touch of tea soaked raisins, fresh herbs, tahini. I am now hungry. On the sweet side, although I do not make it as much as my pie dough, the Silk Road Custard Tart is remarkable. Orange blossom date puree, creamy nutmeg and rose infused custard.  I would like to be in a gown enjoying a slice of this right now.


Katzie's Fermented Garlic and Butternut Squash Soup from Clean Enough 

How do you interpret “invest in yourself?” and what are the types of things you do to invest in/ empower yourself?
Invest in your health. How you feel is how you treat others, how well you work, how good of a friend you are. Get dressed everyday. A fresh shirt, a great outfit, blow dried hair, these things completely change your outlook on your life and the day ahead. Understand your utility: rather than having shame around spending, know that what you like to have or spend money on-it may be different than your friends, yet I think its so important to be honest about what brings you the most joy and being okay with investing in that.
Why is it important to you to empower women?
Women have incredible energy and resilience, yet also historically doubt themselves and are confused about going after what they want. You don’t have to eschew societal roles: you can want to be an incredible mother, domestic goddess and make your entrepreneurial dreams come true. One does not exclude the other, although I will say you cannot do everything at once. We as women need to support each other in that yes we can do a lot, but you can’t do it all at once and supporting each other’s life chapters and ambitions is important to me. 
How did you discover Mestiza and what originally drew you to the Mestiza brand?
I went to the first trunk show of Mestiza many many moons ago. I still have the dress! I was first so inspired by the trimming on the dresses, there were luxurious touches that made the dresses so unique. I was also so inspired by two women going after their dreams.
How do you like your Mestiza pieces?! Any details on how they fit or made you feel?
I feel glamorous, sexy and like a bright light.
Please share an inspirational tip to someone looking to follow your footsteps in the culinary/pastry world.
Be resilient, follow through, no matter what you do the work may be hard, but your ability to fundamentally change a persons day through your cooking and pastry is an absolute gift. So do something with it :)
Katzie Guy-Hamilton wears Mestiza New York
No better way to celebrate Valentine's day than staying in with delicious treats and a luxurious dress! 
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