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Meet Amanda Lindroth, Founder of Amanda Lindroth Design

Introduce yourself! 

I am Amanda Lindroth. I have lived in the Bahamas for 30 years and I have designed houses, hotels, and clubs, here and across the Caribbean & the US over the last 2 decades. I am having so much fun!

Amanda Lindroth, Founder of Amanda Lindroth Design

Amanda wears the Savannah Caftan in Silver Sequin

 Your design style heavily pulls from breezy island beauty! What made you gravitate towards this style?

I gravitate to the style which is appropriate to the place I am designing. I observe the classical traditions of architecture and customs in each of the places I am working. These local details are usually implicit to the success of the houses and can include ingenious ways to catch an island breeze, shelter from the glare of a sunset, protection from storms and so many other clever ideas.

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What color scheme do you love most when decorating a space?
Blue is always a favorite but I also love green and coral and always ground a room with a touch of black or brown. Crisp white in the tropics is also magic.
Please share a word of advice you would give other women interested in beginning a career in interior design?

Study magazines, books and the internet. look at millions of images. Make folders for furniture arrangements, upholstery details, and every related to design. This will all help you edit and understand the many successful ways to create beautiful rooms.

What is one interior design mistake you’ve learned from:

Things being too big or small. Be sure to check measurements!

What is your go-to decoration to make any space feel like a vacation home?

Crisp cotton printed fabrics, fluffy great upholstery, natural Seagrass or abaca or sisal rugs.

A tablescape for a dinner party hosted by Amanda Lindroth

How has your style evolved throughout the years?

It is constantly evolving as I constantly study and learn. My own DNA comes through in my work nonetheless but there are always subtle changes as we look at beautiful rooms when we travel etc.

You recently expanded to making island tote bags as well! Would you consider incorporating your designs into other island essentials?

We design and make so many beautiful things from tabletop to bedding and all things related to candle light and lanterns. All the things necessary for al al fresco life on a terrace, veranda, boat or beach.

What draws you to the Mestiza brand?

The prints and the breezy chic are just beautiful!

How does wearing your Mestiza piece make you feel?
I feel so pretty and ready for a special time!

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