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Introduce yourself!

Hi! I run the fashion and lifestyle blog, (@amylittleson), and live in the Upper East Side in New York City. I am 28, work full time as a blogger, and recently married the love of my life last month, on February 11, 2023. I am originally from New Jersey, went to college in Richmond, VA, and then spent my first three years out of college living in Philadelphia, PA and working on the marketing team for Lilly Pulitzer. Then in 2020 I took the leap to work for myself (right before the pandemic hit… great timing on my part lol), after I had been blogging for seven years. I then moved to NYC to live with my now husband. I never, ever thought I would end up in NYC but I surprise myself every day with how much I love it here.

My parents reside in Vero Beach, FL, Long Beach Island on the Jersey Shore, and in Raymond, Maine, so I am often bopping around visiting with them. I am a split personality Gemini and can be as equally controlled and organized as I can be free-spirited and chaotic. :) Although at the root of everything I do is my love for God and my closest family and friends!


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Amy wears the Millie Mini Dress

How did you first become interested in fashion and beauty, and what inspired you to start your own blog?

I think my first foray into fashion occurred when my mom took me to a Talbots literally on the way home from the hospital when I was born (I’m not kidding). Her excuse was that she needed a few new outfits now that she wasn’t pregnant anymore… and can you blame her?! I have loved getting dressed up for as long as I can remember, and have started various entrepreneurial endeavors since I was a little girl. Then in middle school I discovered a love for writing, and that coupled with my creative eye for fashion led to the start of my blog later on, in 2013 when I was a freshman in college at the University of Richmond.

Now, the aim of my blog and my corresponding social channels is to inspire positivity and dreaming big in women who are navigating their teens, 20s, and beyond. My site covers my personal life and finds through the categories of fashion, decor, beauty, travel, and my wedding!

Congratulations on your recent wedding! What are some unique ways you incorporated your personal style into your special day?

Thank you! We are still on such a high from it all! It’s no secret that my favorite color is pink, so the dress code for the wedding was ‘pink encouraged’... and our guests DELIVERED! My mom and I actually did all of the creative design for the wedding, so it had our personal style in every single detail. We even had our own print designed by Ashley D. Studio (which entailed the same flowers and colors of the reception decor) that we used on most of the paper goods, tablecloths, and even the dresses my bridesmaids got ready in. The print also included the exact flowers that were appliquéd and embroidered into my wedding dress, which I found in Paris and happened to be named ‘The Amy.’ It truly doesn’t get more personal than that! :)

Amy Littleson's wedding

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You’re always sharing such chic and stylish looks! Can you tell us about some of your favorite fashion trends of the moment?

Aw thank you! Of course, I am currently eyeing and loving lots of bold floral prints, dramatic bows, and quilted jackets… I’m AlWAYS a sucker for an appliqué flower moment too!

You always seem to radiate positivity on your page! How do you stay true to yourself and maintain a healthy mindset balancing social media with work and your personal life?

Thank you! I can tell you that it often feels like I’m not balancing anything well lol. I’m constantly in a tricky scenario in which sharing my personal life is my literal business, so it can get really challenging to turn it off and take true breaks from social media. However, some things that I’ve learned that really help are not posting right in the moment (so I’m not on my phone during a fun event or around other people), having a no-phone rule during dinners (I’m pretty strict with myself about this!), and staying grounded by turning to God when I feel overwhelmed or need to kick the brutal comparison game that comes with social media. In all, I try not to take my job or my life that seriously, and look at it like it’s one giant fun experiment that I’m so lucky I get to live out every day. :)

What advice do you have for someone who wants to stand out and grow their social media presence?

Think about what your friends and coworkers go to you for… what do they ask you advice for? What strengths or talents do you have that other people don’t? I would answer those questions first and then start creating content around whatever differentiates you from the rest. Also, I always recommend having your own website or blog, since that’s the only form of an online presence you can actually own and fully manage yourself (unlike social media platforms unfortunately!).

What draws you to the Mestiza brand?

I often describe my personal style as ‘traditional with a twist,’ and Mestiza feels very align with that and thus fit for the modern day woman. And the fact that the brand is female-founded and based out of New York is just the cherry on top… it’s clear that the founders are highly intentional business women and creatives, who value quality and care above all else, which I so admire!


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How does wearing your Mestiza piece make you feel?
Like I’m walking on sunshine! I adore when blondes wear yellow, and can resist a dramatic bow about as well as I can resist a bag of gummies, so the Millie Mini Dress was an instant YES!

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