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Meet Avery Singer and Jolie Lauren Golub, Founders of BachBoss

Mestiza x Bach Boss Founders, Avery Singer & Jolie Lauren Golub

Born and raised New Yorkers Avery Singer and Jolie Lauren launched BachBoss, a bespoke travel service that curates the perfect Bachelor and Bachelorette trip based on the group's interests and budget. Both Avery and Jolie love to travel but it wasn’t until they were in the midst of planning their friend’s bachelorette party that it dawned on them that they had a true talent and could turn their skills into a business. Now, 5 months after they launched BachBoss, we sat down with founders Avery and Jolie to learn about what inspired them to start their own venture, what it’s like going into business with your best friend, and more.  

Introduce yourself! 

Avery: I was born and raised in NYC and some may know me as Ramona Singers daughter! I attended UVA where I studied economics and sociology. After graduation, I worked in finance for 4 years at Morgan Stanley and Neuberger Berman until I decided to do a career pivot to work at the tech startup Cameo. Most recently, I launched BachBoss with my best friend Jolie and launched a podcast with my mom called Turtle Time with Ramona and Avery Singer.

Jolie: I was born in the NY suburbs, lived in Europe in my early years and moved back to NY before college. Out of college I worked in fashion as a buyer, until I transitioned into tech working at numerous successful startups. I recently got married to my long-term partner, and now reside in Chelsea with my husband Zach, Bernedoodle Ralph, and am the co-founder of BachBoss with Avery! 
Can you tell us a little bit more about what made you decide to launch BachBoss?

Avery: The idea of BachBoss came to be while we were planning our best friend’s bachelorette serving as Co-MOHS. We realized how time consuming it could be and that we were super fast and efficient. We have participated and heard horror stories where you show up and things are not planned or the budget is so unrealistic. We thought it was important to have a third party service that can take the stresses off and avoid uncomfortable conversations. No one wants to disappoint the bride or groom. It is important to have realistic expectations. We  joke that planning a bachelorette party can be a full time job, and we are your best friends. You didn’t know you needed to handle it all.

Jolie: It is no secret that bachelor and bachelorette parties can be extremely overwhelming to plan. I have always been a type-A, organized and efficient planner. As a recent bride, I am super passionate about everything in the wedding space and knew that this business was needed. Avery and I together are a force to be reckoned with and I knew we would be successful by teaming up and creating BachBoss

Jolie - you got married in August and have fresh experience planning all things related to your wedding! What hardships did you face that your business BachBoss helps alleviate for others? 

Jolie: I did! Planning a wedding comes with a lot of responsibility and stress - even if you hire a wedding planner! Many decisions are decisions that need to be made yourself such as the guest list & seating arrangements. There are so many events that happen in the months leading up to the actual wedding like the shower & the bachelorette. BachBoss can completely take over the entire planning process of your bachelor/bachelorette party and alleviate any stress. Brides and grooms already have enough on their plates with the wedding! Let BachBoss handle the bachelor/bachelorette party and make it a fun, curated and extremely memorable experience 

Jolie's wedding in Newport, RI

Avery - your mom Ramona Singer is super successful in her own ventures. Is there anything specific that you learned from her that helped you prepare for the launch of BachBoss?

Avery: I definitely got my entrepreneurial spirit and hustle from my mother.  Growing up, we would constantly be throwing parties and hosting others at our home. She has always has always taught me to love what you do and the money will come. I have watched her build many successful brands and have always been inspired to create something of my own to help others. She has always told me to not look left or right and that you are own your own path and to stay laser focused with what you want to achieve. 

Avery and her mom Ramona Singer

Similarly to Mestiza, BachBoss started with an idea that two friends had, that eventually blossomed into a business. What is the most rewarding and challenging aspect of being business partners with a friend? 

Avery & Jolie: We both agree that the most rewarding part of working together is getting to share the wins. We love being able to celebrate the success of BachBoss. The most challenging part is separating our work life from our friendship! Sometimes we have to remind each other to “switch hats” so we can continue to be present in both aspects of each other's lives.

What are some of your favorite bachelor / bachelorette trends that you are loving for 2023/2024? 

Avery: We always recommend for our clients to book an Airbnb/Villa if they can as it is a lot of fun and can go with the flow a bit more. A boat day is a must and a chef night!

Jolie: There are so many trends we’re loving. A boat day is always a crowd pleaser as well as any sort of alcohol tasting whether that be wine or tequila. We also love setting our groups up with a private chef experience and a fun bartender night. 

What celebrity weddings have made an impression on you in the wedding industry?

Avery & Jolie: Kate Bock, Sophia Richie, and Sarah Rhyland.

Snapshot from Jolie's wedding

What are the top 3 places you’d like to throw a bachelor trip in 2024? 

Avery & Jolie: There are so many upcoming places, and we will organize a trip to any destination. We recently just did a bachelorette in Lake Como! We would love to do one in St. Barths, Aspen, and Mykonsos. 

Where are you wearing the Torero Gown and Georgiana Gown and how would you style it for multiple events?

Avery: I recently just wore the Georgiana Gown for a wedding in Palm Beach for a wedding at the Breakers. It was perfect and I received so many compliments! 

Avery Singer in Palm Beach

Shop Avery's look, the Georgiana Gown in peonia

Jolie: I’m planning to wear the Torero Gown in France this summer! It’s the perfect, elevated piece for my trip. 

What draws you to the Mestiza brand?

Avery & Jolie: We  think the brand is incredibly timeless. All of the pieces are sophisticated yet fun. We love dresses in particular, especially for summer weddings and events!

How does wearing your Mestiza piece make you feel?
Avery: I felt like a princess and felt so elegant! 
Jolie: The dresses are magical - they truly make you feel so elevated & chic.

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