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Meet Camille Larmoyeux, Founder of Luxury Traveler Media

This week, we're thrilled to feature Camille Larmoyeux, Founder of Luxury Traveler Media. From her early days consulting for a major U.S. airline to exploring the globe weekly, she's become an expert in all things travel. Inspired by this, she curates the perfect itineraries, travel tips, and hacks on her platform for over 300,000+ followers. Continue reading for more! 

Camille wears the Adria Gown in Navy Venus Gardens

What were you up to before starting your page @LuxuryTravelerMedia?
I was working in consulting for a major U.S airline and traveling nearly every week!
Who is your muse when it comes to ‘airport style’?
I am my own muse – haha! I’m not sure how this started, but I have such an airport uniform. It’s the Alo sweatsuit in either gray or black and my On Cloud sneakers. Unless I’m flying EasyJet and need to wear my full wardrobe, that’s it!
What is your best trick for finding cool & unique things to do in touristy places? 
TikTok is a great source for travel inspiration. I typically search the destination and watch a ton of POV-style videos to get a feel for a new place. I’m always able to find hidden gems in this way.
 What cities are you traveling to next?

Palm Beach and Naples in Florida for the holidays, then checking out a very chic new luxury hotel in Sedona, and hopefully headed to the Galapagos!

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Do you have any tricks to overcome jet-lag?
My biggest curse is that I cannot sleep on planes, this makes overnight flights pretty miserable – but unavoidable! My top 3 tricks are hydration, caffeine, and a power nap. Lately, I’ve given up on the stress of trying to sleep on planes, and instead focus on resting through reading a book or watching a movie. I drink a ton of water during the flight, grab some caffeine when I land, and push through until 3pm when I can check into my hotel room and take a 20-minute power nap (no more!).
What essentials do you pack in your carry-on bag?
Everything hydrating! Hydration packets, Cetaphil face wipes, face lotion, Aquaphor, and a face mask. I also always carry my Bose noise cancelling headphones, which is essential when I’m inevitably seated next to a screaming (but typically adorable!) baby… and a great book!
For New Yorkers looking for a weekend getaway, what are your go-to recommendations?
Hudson, NY is such a wholesome getaway. I love Habitas on Hudson for something wellness-focused and rural. The Maker is also a super chic option if you’d like to stay right in town.
What draws you to the Mestiza brand?

As I’m going off on my own adventure to start a travel business, I can really relate to a female founded brand. It’s hard to find that balance between practicality and inspiration. I think your brand blends the two perfectly. You create those timeless pieces, while infusing a sense of modernity and a contemporary style.

How does wearing your Mestiza piece make you feel?
I love how timeless your pieces are and I must say, it’s entirely practical! The gorgeous dress that I have on is very packable and does not wrinkle, making it so easy to bring to any destination. As I was browsing, I noticed the same with all your pieces. Especially with formalwear, it’s hard to find that perfect piece to take with you everywhere.
Have any exciting projects coming up we should be excited for?
I have a ton of really exciting projects to look forward to in 2024! I’ll be launching a business as a travel advisor to help plan travel for my 300,000 followers and continuing to work with brands that I love. Expect to see even more content in the New Year - incorporating fashion and beauty into my travels, visiting new countries and destinations, and sharing even more tips and tricks. 

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