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Meet Caroline Thorpe Goldberg, Founder of Little White Looks

Meet Caroline Thorpe Goldberg, the creative force behind Little White Looks, your destination for everything wedding style! As the founder, she's on a mission to bring you the newest and most fabulous styles for every event in your bridal journey. 

Introduce yourself! 

Hiiii there! My name is Caroline and I’m the Founder of Little White Looks - your one stop shop for all things bridal and wedding guest fashion! I created LWL in 2023 as a creative outlet while working as a bedside nurse, and now this is my full time job along with bridal & bridesmaid private styling!

Caroline wears the Iman Top

You make it easy for brides to find all the best bridal looks, because you “do the digging” for them. Where do you draw a lot of your inspiration from?

My followers are my main inspiration! Seeing their creativity and final looks always amazes me. We're a community that shares ideas and helps each other find inspiration.

I draw a lot of inspiration from the event location as well. For instance, if a bride tells me she's getting married in Mexico City, I dive into researching the city's architecture, the venue, local flowers, and overall aesthetic.It's a special way to honor and highlight the significance of the location for the event.

As a former bride yourself, what is one thing you wish you knew when you were planning all your wedding looks?

I can’t say there is anything I wish I knew, but I wish I had more TIME to get creative and have more fun with my wedding looks! I was so busy with planning, grad school, working as a full time travel nurse, and moving I just ordered the first things I saw! I get sad looking back since my wedding weekend was a time where I could have really let my personality shine through my outfits. BUT, my experience is exactly that’s why I created LWL - to help brides have easier access to unique looks, sale finds, and styling tips! So I know it was meant to be that way because here I am now with my dream career!

POV: You’re helping a bride choose all the looks leading up to her big day. What Mestiza looks do you suggest? 

At Night: Tiramisu Top with the Teresa Mini Skirt
Daytime: Sinta Mini Dress

Gigi Chinoiserie Pajama Set and change into the Brielle Mini Dress for the reception!

What design elements / trends are you most excited to see 2024/2025 brides lean into? 

I’m currently LOVING sheer overlays, skirts, and details. 3D texture and floral appliqués are also on my list, as well any bold colorful bridal looks. 

What’s your best tip for helping a bride achieve a mis-matched bridesmaid look, while still looking

Add in more volume and texture! Don’t be afraid! It will look effortless and chic. 

As someone whose style is such a big part of your identity, how does your style appear in other aspects
of your life? 

As I am really stepping into this new career, I am exploring my personal style more as well! I’ve always loved classic, structured looks, but now I am excited to get more playful with my personal style in 2024! It’s time to step out of the box a little! 

What draws you to the Mestiza brand? 

I'm particularly drawn to bright, fun pops of color and destination/beach styles! For brides with colorful, destination, or spring weddings, I always turn to Mestiza. I love the brand's story and ethos—it's evident that each item is made with exceptional quality and attention to detail.

How are you styling the Teresa Skirt & Iman Top? What is your favorite detail about these styles?
As a gal living in TX this outfit is coming with me to the rodeo! I’ll be wearing it with cowboy  boots and a hat to complete the look! If it’s chilly, I’ll be pairing the top with denim, a belt, and likely a vintage suede jacket I got Round Top TX last year! The detailing on the top and skirt are so stunning!

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