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Meet Christina Bryant Herbert, Co-Founder, Creative Director, & CEO of St. Frank

Introduce yourself! 

Hello! My name is Christina Bryant Herbert, I’m co-founder, Creative Director & CEO at St. Frank ( & @stfranktextiles).

Christina Bryant Herbert of St. Frank

Christina wears the Naomi Pajama Set in Bloom

What was the main inspiration for creating St. Frank?

I started St. Frank to create a new kind of home brand built for a consumer like me who wants their space to reflect their values. Our brand is rooted in travel off the beaten bath, authenticity, and ethical sourcing. We work with artisans and small business around the world to produce our line. Each piece is rooted cultural craft with a story to share. The result is unique and luxurious products with a bohemian aesthetic.

What is your go-to tip for someone starting to decorate a new space?

Start with the foundation for the space – floors, windows, and walls. A beautiful wall color (even the perfect shade of white) or wallpaper, thoughtful window treatments (truly the eyebrows of the room, these frame the space and often overlooked), and well proportioned rug will set the mood for everything that’s then layered on top.

What style do you aspire to emulate in your own home?

I love an eclectic look. To me, it’s all in the mix! I love combining traditional architecture with modern and antique furniture and global textiles. I want my home to tell my story and in that become a lawyered, collected space. I am a maximalist and gravitate toward warm, inviting choices in interior design. I want my home to be lived in, not museum-like.

How does your passion for interior design influence getting ready for hosting and entertaining guests?

I love to host, but I cannot cook. Thankfully my husband knows his way around the kitchen! Given that, for me, entertaining is all about ambiance. I love setting the table (taking a layered, collect approach there as well!), arranging fresh flowers, lighting my favorite candle (the Havana scent from our line), and putting on some music. The most important aspect of entertaining, however, is just being present, making your guests feel at home, and having fun.

Easiest hack to liven up any area of the house?

Tidying up. Haha But seriously.

Your decor is bohemian and homey! What is your best advice for creating a “home away from home” for guests?

The coziest bedrooms have great lighting (low lamp light or bust!), delicious sheets (I love our 520 thread count cotton percale printed sheets and go the extra mile to press them for that hotel bed perfection), a guest book bedside along with a carafe of water and drinking glasses, and fresh set of towels. Bonus points if you are prepared with a tray of mini toiletries for them to use during their stay.

Christina Bryant Herbert of St. Frank

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Do you think your interior design style plays a role in your personal style?
How do they mirror and play off each other?

When I started St. Frank, I definitely had a more tailored traditional, all black wardrobe. My personal style had definitely evolved to mirror more of the St. Frank aesthetic with Ulla Johnson and Isabel Marant patterned blouses and dresses a lot more leader (boots and jackets) than I once wore. I also love feminine handwork and elements of nostalgia that are part of both the St. Frank and Mestiza look.

What draws you to the Mestiza brand?

I love the overt femininity of Mestiza’s approach to design. In a time where there’s fewer examples of traditional glamour and less occasion to dress up, I am longing for both and Mestiza delivers in spades.

How does wearing your Mestiza piece make you feel?
Nostalgic, feminine, and pampered. Even this pair of pajamas from the recent collection, like your party dresses, is old world charm all the way.

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