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Meet Devon McCready, Co-Owner & Gallery Director at Samuel Owen Gallery

This week's Tastemaker, Devon McCready is the co-owner and gallery director at Samuel Owen Gallery. Often traveling between Nantucket and Palm Beach, she is drawn to bold, colorful designs both in the work she represents at her gallery and in her closet. Continue reading to learn about her favorite artists, personal style, and more!

You are the gallery director for Samuel Owen Gallery, which has locations across a few cities on the east coast, the newest being Palm Beach. How does each location differ in terms of the art it features?

Samuel Owen Gallery has four locations on the east coast. While the buyers are very similar across these locations, their local tastes are not. Our collectors in palm beach favor bold color, oversized scale, and sleek mixed media finishes.

What types of artwork can we expect to see in Samuel Owen Gallery?

The curation of Samuel Owen Gallery is a constant collaboration between the artists, the collectors, and myself. Taking these viewpoints into account gives me the best sense of how I can serve the art collectors of this community. The result of this collaboration is art that tends to be extremely colorful and happy. People like to live with bright, uplifting pieces, especially in a whimsical setting like Palm Beach.

Who are some of your favorite artists right now? What makes them so special?

One of my favorite artists we represent is Beth Pellegrino. I love the way she captures the spirit of contemporary art but in a much softer and organic way then some of the other leading artists. I have so many collectors that are leaning into contemporary design but are cautious to feature ultra-sleek pieces. An artist like Beth still captures the essence of what it means to be bold and fresh but with an organic and natural finish.

Curvature No. 32 & Curvature No. 33. View more of Beth Pellegrino's work here

As someone who is inspired by aesthetics - whether it be wall art, sculpture art, or fashion, how did you hone in on your personal taste?

I follow my instincts and trust my taste with all choices both fashion and art related. I select items that bring me joy through color, vibrancy and energy. This is probably the reason my closet is filled with bright sparkly dresses and not a single neutral sweater, or even a raincoat! You can see my personal taste in artwork shown in the gallery as well. I never shy away from bold and happy pieces.

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What draws you to the Mestiza brand?
            I love to support other female entrepreneurs. Especially founders I can relate to that can blend timeless taste with contemporary influences. Alessandra and Louisa effortlessly update classic silhouettes to feel fun and fresh. This is exactly the kind of ethos I would like to embody with my fashion choices.

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