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Meet Emily Coyne, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

Introduce yourself! 

My name is Emily! I am a 24 year old full time content creator focusing on fashion, lifestyle and family content. I live in Cleveland, Ohio and I have two sisters, I am the middle of three girls! We all have a classic style and adore fashion. I have loved bows since I was a little girl and wore a big white bow in my hair every day. My interest in fashion inspired me to post my outfits of the day in middle school. In addition to sharing on my social media, I have a weekly podcast titled “Bows & Company”. I co-host with family members and we share our daily life, entertaining, travel and more!

Emily wears the Carmen Mini Dress in blue/ivory

How did your journey as a content creator begin?

My journey began in middle school! I have always been fascinated fashion, sketching and design. I took sewing lessons for many years, put on fashion shows in my home and even sold notecards with my fashion sketches on the front in grade school! I always thought about being a fashion designer. This love for design and creativity evolved into sharing my daily outfits on Instagram before school. Soon my hobby followed me through college and turned into a business.

You have inspired so many people by sharing your personal style online - who is your style icon?

My style inspiration has always been my mother and grandmother! They have the most classic, timeless, feminine style. Growing up around these two women I naturally absorbed their sense of style and translated it into my own outfits.

Share some of your best beauty/fashion tips for representing the best version of yourself, inside and out:

  • Always dress for the occasion!
  • Wear your outfits with confidence
  • It’s always better to be to dressed up then under dressed
  • Find a hairstyle that fits you and stick with it!
  • Always have a scent on that you love, mine is Hibiscus Palm by Aerin

How do you live stylishly in other aspects of your life?

Fashion and style carries over into how our family entertains! We enjoy setting a pretty tablescape. I like my space in my bedroom and home to reflect our personal taste.

You’re hosting a springtime brunch with family and friends. Which Mestiza pieces are you wearing as the hostess?

As the hostess, I would want to be in something to match the theme of spring! Also you have to be comfortable as you are running around the party, greeting guests, making them feel welcome! The Etta Scallop Mini Dress fits all of these requirements and is the perfect look for any springtime brunch!

Shop the Etta Mini Dress in ocean blue

Which Mestiza “bow” styles are you styling for different occasions?


What draws you to the Mestiza brand?

The vibrant colors, the whimsical patterns, and the chic silhouettes and styles draws me to the Mestiza brand! They are one of kind pieces and I love who I can become in a Mestiza piece!

How does wearing your Mestiza piece make you feel?

Wearing a Mestiza piece makes me feel put together, feminine and effortlessly timeless!

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