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Meet Fiona Afshar, Founder of Cooking With Fiona

Meet Fiona Afshar, the passionate home chef and creator behind Cooking with Fiona. What began as a humble documentation of her recipes on Instagram took an unexpected turn when her colorful pasta sheets went viral, igniting her passion for the art of pasta-making. Read more to discover her earliest cooking memories, where she draws inspiration from, and which Mestiza print she'd choose to incorporate into the next pasta sheet!

Introduce yourself!

I am Fiona Afshar, also known as @cookingwithfiona on instagram. I love to cook, make pasta, and share my creations with the world! 

Fiona wears the Stephanie Bow Dress in peonia

What first inspired you to create your beautiful, delicious, (and social media viral!) pasta sheets? What was the process like to perfect them?

I didn’t begin my cooking journey with making pasta. Actually, about five years ago, my daughter and I created an instagram account together in order to keep track of all of my recipes. This account was meant to be an archive of all the delicious meals I knew my children loved, for them to cook in houses of their own. Eventually, my posts began to gain traction when a video of mine was posted on buzz feed tasty- and that video happened to be of me making pasta. Since I got so much positive feedback, I decided to continue making my colorful pasta- and have absolutely fallen in love with the art form along the way. For me, it is more of a meditative, relaxing process that allows me to express myself creatively. All the practice I get, and all the support from my wonderful followers around the world, have allowed me to get pretty far. I’m not too focused on perfect, though, I am just happy to be inspiring people. 

Do fashion prints and textiles influence some of the beautiful designs you create? Where else do you draw inspiration from?

Yes, I get inspired by fashion prints and textiles all the time. I love bright and lively colors, as well as fun patterns-  these help me to think up magical ways to transform my pasta sheets into artwork. I also adore the natural world, especially my garden. All of the buzzing insects and the vibrant plants help me to create. 

Follow along on Instagram to see how Fiona makes her pasta sheets @cookingwithfiona

Have you always been interested in cooking/ creating? What is your earliest memory of getting creative in the kitchen?

I have always been a very creative person, and I have experiences as a florist and making jewelry. In the kitchen, I began with baking when I was young. Then, when I started a family, I became interested in creating delicious meals and healthy foods for my husband and my children. My earliest memory of getting creative in the kitchen was in my teenage years, when I loved baking- cakes, cookies, and sweets. Having three brothers that would eat everything I made encouraged me to make more. 

You have a beautiful family! How do you incorporate your cooking into entertaining and bringing people together?

Cooking is a centerpiece of our Sunday rituals. Everybody participates by cooking- that is how we share our love, through food. Food inspires our conversations, our community, and is the lifeblood of my culture. 

Which Mestiza print would you choose to inspire your next pasta sheet – the blue and yellow peonia print or our red rose print?!

I love the red rose print. The bright colors and gorgeous intricacy of the design really speaks to me. 

Fiona would use Mestiza's Red Rose Garden Print in her next pasta sheet. Shop the print on the Isla Sarong

Mestiza is a very special brand because of the beautiful patterns on many of their pieces. 

How does wearing your Mestiza piece make you feel?
I feel fun, playful, and sexy!

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