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Meet Kameron Westcott: Mother, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, and Real Housewives of Dallas Cast Member

Introduce yourself! 

My name is Kameron Westcott and I grew up in beautiful Montecito, CA. I received my Fine Arts Degree at Southern Methodist University and focused in Drawing and Photography. I have two amazing children, Hilton & Cruise. My mission in life is to celebrate and promote women’s contributions to society and make sure that our presence is always felt in the world, with my obsession with pink being a symbolic symbol of that. I am extremely passionate about animal welfare and I’ve never met an animal that I didn’t want to adopt. My personality is Blonde. I am Blonde in every sense of the word. I love having fun and not taking life too seriously. I am super girly, personality wise and in fashion. I value kindness over all other traits.

Kameron Westcott of RHOD

Kameron wears the Raelyn Midi Dress

Many of your fans know you as a philanthropist, founder of SparkleDog, and of course a reality TV star on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Dallas! What other projects are you part of that your fans may not be aware of yet?

I do have something up my sleeve that is quite exciting…but I can’t exactly talk about it because I don’t know if it’s something that will actually work yet…but it’s in the works! I am one that likes to keep these quiet until things actually do take off.

What is your favorite part of filming Real Housewives of Dallas? Is there a season 6 coming?!

My favorite part of filming was being paid to dress up fabulous and hang out with girlfriends! I’ve always loved fashion and clothing, so I loved planning my outfits for every scene and going above and beyond! I really enjoyed getting to know all the women as well on the cast. Each lady on our show was hand-picked to bring something different to the group. It was special working with ladies with all different personalities, styles and views. No there is not a season 6 coming anytime soon but I’m enjoying the time away from the camera and I’ve been spending lots of amazing time with family and friends!

You celebrated turning 40 last month with a fabulous birthday party! What is the best tip you can give to those looking to host an epic party?

Best tip I can give would be to plan ahead or have an amazing party planner! I truly lucked out because my party planner Elisabeth with Silver Lining Events has worked with me many times before my big 40, so she knew exactly what I was looking for and wanted. If you’re working with someone new though make sure you have a good communication process of what you want and plan ahead to make sure you get to work with your favorite vendors! It’s also nice etiquette to give your guests a 4 week Save the Date notice so everyone can truly save the date!

Kameron Wescott style 2023

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You’re a mother to two beautiful children, Cruise and Hilton. What lessons are you hoping to pass down to them?

I want to show my children that it’s important to never give up and to always follow their dreams. I want them to always know that they can have a voice in whatever they may believe in. I want them to value kindness over all other traits, be tough and also give back to those in need.

When you have a free moment to yourself - what is your favorite way to spend it?

I love anything spa related but I also will have to say...I love my television and I enjoy getting in my pajamas to watch Housewives! Anything to take my mind off reality and our real world sometimes? There is so much going on…I prefer to live in a bubble and pretend that everything is fabulous!

 It’s no surprise our Delilah Bow Sweater and Raelyn Midi Dress caught your eye since your favorite color is pink! Can you tell us how you styled it, and where you’re wearing it?

I was so beyond excited to see these two PINK Items in your collection and both are so beautiful!

I can’t wait to wear the Delilah Bow Sweater with jeans and white sneakers when i'm casual. If I want to dress it up…I’m going to add my metallic pleated silver skirt. The earring choice would be a simple diamond stud earring since the bow detail is such a statement. I’m going to also pair this sweater with silver metallic pumps or with silver metallic ankle boots to give it a more fancy look!

I’m planning to wear the beautiful Raelyn Midi Dress for my next cocktail event. I want to wear it somewhere special since the dress itself is so special. I love the detailing of the flowers and I also love a dress that can twirl in a spin! This one twirls perfectly!!

Fashion of Kameron Westcott
What draws you to the Mestiza brand?
I love the feminine silhouettes, bold prints and beautiful color choices. They always have a fabulous shade of pink too so I can always find something I love!

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