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Meet Kim Murstein and Grandma Gail of Excuse My Grandma

When Kim Murstein decided to move to Palm Beach during the pandemic to live with her Grandma Gail, she got her advice on dating, outfits, and everything in between. From there, the "Excuse My Grandma" podcast and social media page was born. Now boasting 682K followers across TikTok and Instagram, this endearing duo's intergenerational take on dating, and Grandma Gail's timeless wisdom, has captivated fans everywhere. Continue reading to see why so many fans love this unique, engaging, and fabulous duo!

 Introduce yourself! 

We’re Kim and Grandma Gail of @excusemygrandma. We cohost the excuse my grandma podcast and create content on social media.

Kim wears the Adelina Gown and Grandma Gail wears the Delilah Rose Sweater

What first inspired you to create content together on TikTok?

I was living in New York City during the pandemic and when my job went remote I went to live with my grandparents in Florida. Grandma Gail watched me go on dates and we realized all the generational differences when it comes to dating so we started excuse my grandma to show people how we discuss topics from relationships to fashion and more.

On TikTok, Kim has discussed places to go on a first date in NYC. Grandma Gail, when you were growing up, what were the types of places you went to on dates?

Mostly went to get a burger and milkshake and then went to see a movie or occasionally a Broadway show.

Kim, do you break any of Grandma Gail’s dating rules? What dating rule do you follow?

I break them all the time! But I should follow them especially - don’t chase a guy unless you want to get your steps in.

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Grandma Gail, where do you get your fabulous sweaters? And…how many sweaters do you think you own?

From every brand, I own more than I can count. I’ve kept some that are 20+ years old!

Kim, do you introduce your dates to Grandma Gail?

If she happens to be there when they pick me up! We’ve done double dates a few times too.

Kim, what is the most special item your Grandma has passed down to you and what makes it meaningful?

 Definitely one of her bags, they’re such specific pieces that she curated and I feel special every time I wear one.

Kim Murstein wearing a bag her Grandma Gail gave her at a fashion week event

Kim is wearing the Adelina Gown and Grandma Gail is wearing the Delilah Sweater. What is it about these styles that you love? And where are you planning on wearing them?
Gg: I’d wear it out for dinner with black pants in the fall our for dinner. Would love it paired with a white shirt underneath.

Kim: I can’t wait to wear the gown to an event- maybe a wedding or something for fashion week!

Grandma Gail, what is one piece of advice, whether it be for dating or dressing, that you wish you could tell yourself at Kim’s age?

Keep it simple.

What draws you to the Mestiza brand? How do wearing these pieces make you feel? 
Elegant, timeless, classic but with a modern touch. They’re also so comfortable for our lifestyle.

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