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Meet Madison H, Creator of Styled Bubbly

Introduce yourself! 

Hi there! My name is Madison, I’m a recent nursing school graduate and local to St. Louis, MO! I offer my hand-painted bottle services in the St. Louis area and my creative outlet, Styled Bubbly, which began as a creative outlet offer my painting services and has developed into a platform featuring, life, style, and painted bubbly.

I have always had a love for making people feel special and giving gifts that are personal, those super thoughtful, oh-my-word type gifts. Hand-painted, personalized champagne bottles became just that for me. From graduations, birthdays, to engagements, weddings, new bundles of joy, and more, I’ve loved being able to add an extra special little something to people’s big moments.

Madison H of Styled Bubbly

Madison wears the Lorena Gown in Blue Mist

How did Styled Bubbly start and what inspired you to start painting champagne bottles?

Like many colleges and universities, past graduates of my Alma Mater, the University of Missouri Columbia, had been notorious for popping champagne bottles on the columns upon their graduation. I wanted to make this moment (and the photos) a bit more special for myself and my roommates! Over winter break, I began experimenting with hand-painting champagne bottles. It was the perfect graduation gift! I’ve now expanded my services and have created bottles for all sorts of occasions.

How have you balanced starting this business as a student, and continuing along with other passions as a graduate?

I am a firm believer that you will never regret prioritizing your passions. For me, this includes family & friends, beginning my nursing career, and celebrating the little moments! Painting bottles has become a lovely part of that story.

You have such an artistic eye! How does the creativity that you pull from when painting champagne bottles translate into entertaining friends and family? 

I love to keep things bright! Fun, bold prints are my comfort zone and show my personality. I’ve always looked to my mom as hostess with the mostest, she is a fabulous entertainer and I hope to follow in her footsteps as I move into my own space in the future!

What tips do you have for others looking to give unique and creative gifts?

Shop + gift local! I think my love or creative, personalized gifts was refined in high school, working at the local embroidery shop, Finders Keepers Kirkwood. Supporting local small businesses is already excellent in itself, but it’s a great way to find unique, personalized gifts. It’s a win-win!

What advice do you have for other women looking to turn their creative passion into a business?

Why wait? There will almost never be a slow season of life, so hop right in. I always found myself delaying things because life felt so hectic. The busy-ness is a blessing, finding your priorities and balance is the key! I would encourage you to find ways to challenge yourself while doing something you love.

Follow along for more of Madison's beautiful creations @styledbubbly2

What is your go-to piece of advice for others looking to entertain in style?

Whether you’re coordinating plans to meet an old friend for happy hour or hosting in your own space, find what makes you comfortable and unapologetically shows your personality!

Where do you hope to see your champagne painting business in five years?

Hopefully still “popping!” I hope to continue offering my hand-painted bubbly services in the St. Louis area, balancing whatever post-grad life brings about, and enjoying my career as a Postpartum (mom and baby) nurse. I look forward to continuing my life + style content into this fall and going forward!

What draws you to the Mestiza brand?

I absolutely love Mestiza’s values of slow fashion and high-quality pieces. As a recent college graduate, I have began building my wardrobe with the hope to invest in quality pieces that will last!

Styled Bubbly wearing Mestiza

How does wearing your Mestiza piece make you feel?
I absolutely fell in love with the Lorena Midi Dress the second I had seen it. From the color to the removable bow, I love how versatile this piece is! Definitely incredibly fun and feminine.

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