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Meet Maggie Williams, Interior Designer and Beauty & Lifestyle Creator

Maggie Williams is the ultimate style enthusiast. While she initially gained an audience through showing her gorgeous make-up routine, hacks, and favorite beauty products on TikTok, she quickly built a loyal community through her polished fashion sense and chic home decor. 

Continue reading to learn more about her “European summer” capsule wardrobe, favorite beauty products, and more!

Introduce yourself!
Hi! My name is Maggie Williams - I create beauty and lifestyle content on Tiktok and instagram, as well as working full time at a residential interior design firm in Atlanta, GA!

Maggie wears the Solenn Midi Dress

How did your content journey begin?

I have always been influential to my friends and family members when it came to makeup techniques and products, and when I was graduating college I had posted a TiktTok of my full glam on graduation day. The video received a lot of attention, including many comments asking for tutorials, so from there I started consistently posting videos! My platforms have grown into me sharing more of my day to day life, including fashion content and interior design here and there, and I am grateful for the community I have built online.

What made you fall in love with interior design?

There is so much to love - but for me I would say it is one of the few careers that is appreciated by all. You can flip through a magazine, or a designer’s social feed, and just appreciate the use of layering, balance, color theory - I could go on. It truly is an art form, but it also changes the way people feel. That is not true of many industries.

What is the most rewarding part of transforming a space for you?

I am in love with the process - the beginning can sometimes feel daunting, but the possibilities are endless. Once the design starts coming together, the best feeling is knowing the big reveal is near. Similarly to fashion, the styling of the space is just as important as the initial design itself. This is the icing on the cake, and what will make the space feel more personal, complete, and unique.

What makes a house a home?

A home should be a reflection of its residents - incorporating favorite colors, sentiments from travels, and even personal items like photography and artwork throughout will make a house feel like a home. All that to say, it is important to balance these items with design elements that will offer the right bit of color and texture, leaving the total design feeling thoughtful.

How do your passions for beauty, fashion, and interior design intersect your life?

Fashion and interior design share many of the same principles, which explains why most interior designers have impeccable style. I also think when you are selling a look, the way you present yourself should be a reflection of your style and values. You are selling yourself as well as your aesthetic, so why not look your best while doing so?

The “capsule wardrobe” is a dressing strategy that has been growing in popularity over the past years. What inspired you to implement a capsule wardrobe into your life?

Once I graduated college, I felt it was time to re asses my wardrobe, which meant swapping out trendy, more “fast fashion” pieces for more investment type pieces. Having several staples in each category has made a huge difference when I am selecting an outfit for work or for the weekends, and never leaves me feeling like I have nothing to wear. I personally have been curating the perfect “european summer” capsule wardrobe this year in preparation for our two week honeymoon in Europe this September. This is a perfect time to mix and match staple pieces, making it impossible to feel like an outfit repeater.

 If the airline lost your luggage and makeup bag with it (we hope this never happens to you), what are the must-have products you would immediately re-purchase?

This is such a tough one!! I can’t live without my hourglass skin tint, charlotte tilbury iconic nude lip liner, rhode lip treatment, and hourglass blush & bronzer! Oh and my Ilia mascara, of course :)

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What draws you to the Mestiza brand?

I love the femininity of the Mestiza designs, as well as the accessibility. So many brands these days have targeted age markets, which I totally understand, but I think it is admirable for a brand to create such versatile pieces that women of all ages can appreciate and actually wear.

How does wearing your Mestiza piece make you feel?
I feel effortlessly beautiful in this dress - I also love how it can totally be dressed up or down! An amazing edition to my summer wardrobe :)

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