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Meet Mary Catherine Echols, Wedding Photographer & Fashion Influencer


Introduce yourself! 

Hi there! My name is Mary Catherine Echols, I am a lifestyle + fashion influencer based out of Florida and love all things grandmillennial, coastal, and traditional. I am originally from South Carolina but my husband and I moved to sunny Jacksonville in 2020! I’ve been a wedding photographer for over 7 years and have traveled all over the southeast to some of the most stunning locations, but always had an adoration for home design and style - even as a little girl. I decided a few years ago to split up my wedding photography account and officially launch my blogging business in Fall 2022, which has been so fun to have the two. It’s been a joy to connect with women and brands who have similar interests as me! 


Mary Catherine wears the Etta Mini Dress

You’re a Florida-based photographer with a light, optimistic, clean aesthetic. What is your biggest tip to those who want to take a good photo of themselves?

Such a great question!!! Lighting is everything, whether it’s flash or natural light. If you’re shooting on a phone, if it’s not too harsh I recommend facing more towards the sun if you can (shade is your friend!). Backlit photos on a cell phone seem to turnout more grainy and with weird shadows. If you’re shooting on a camera, you can get away with more lighting scenarios. Play with your settings to get that soft background (a lower aperture for all of my camera girlies) For my lifestyle shoots, I typically like to be outdoors with as pretty a background as I can. Drop yourself PIN’s if you’re ever out and find a good location for a later shoot!

Such a great tip! What is one thing you wished everyone would know / do before a photography session with you?

If I am shooting a wedding client, I want them to know that I direct literally everything, so they don’t need to worry about looking awkward! Sessions are SO fun!

If you were shooting a bride-to-be, which Mestiza dress would you style the bride in for the engagement, bachelorette, rehearsal dinner, and wedding?



What elements in clothing are the most photo-worthy? 

I think an important element in clothing is making sure it’s the correct color for your complexion. Besides that, if you love the outfit, it’s always photo-worthy! 

Let’s play a game of this or that! 
Lace or floral applique: Floral
Pink/purple or blue/green: Blue/Green
Warm-weather vacation, or winter excursion? Warm
Dinner party at home, or drinks out? Dinner party at home

As someone whose style is such a big part of your identity, how does your style appear in other aspects of your life? 

In almost every way! Our home, my wedding photography style, my clothing, and my interests. I can spend hours strolling antique stores, painting, entertaining, decorating– you name it. Creating is something that will always be very important to me.

What draws you to the Mestiza brand?

It’s feminine, so well designed and you can truly find so many options for all sorts of events. 

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How are you styling the Sinta Mini Dress & Etta Mini Dress? What is your favorite detail about these styles?
As the weather warms up here in Florida, I love to pair any dress I can with a straw purse. Both of these dresses are SO precious and speak for themselves that I wanted to keep the attention on them with simple heels and accessories.

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