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Meet Paige Spearin, Artist & Surface Designer

Introduce yourself! 

Hi! I’m Paige Smith Spearin. I’m an artist and surface designer. I specialize in creating fine art, illustrations, textile designs and invitations. I work in many mediums from watercolor and gouache to acrylic and oil. My artwork is often inspired by things I enjoy like parties, interior design, flowers, riding my bike, skiing and tennis. I have also been designing prints for Lilly Pulitzer since 2008. I live on the North Shore of Chicago with my husband and two little boys.

Paige Spearin wearing Mestiza New York

Paige wears the Torero Gown in blue/ivory palm toile

 You’re an incredible artist whose work features subjects set in playful scenes with a vibrant color scheme. Some of your recent works feature activities such as drinking cocktails, playing backgammon, and skiing down a mountain. Where do you draw inspiration on what scenes to paint?

I’m always observing décor, clothing, and architecture and picturing how things could work in a painting. I enjoy creating my own little world in my paintings. My scenes are usually inspired by activities I love and a mix of real places and my imagination. 

You’ve been designing prints for Lilly Pulitzer since 2008! How is the process different for creating art that is meant to be worn?

Designing prints for Lilly Pulitzer is so special because the prints can be anything from flowers and shells to monkeys scuba diving. The biggest difference in creating art to be worn is you must consider the repeat pattern and how it falls on the body. I currently design prints for Lilly two days weekly but I used to design prints full time. Lilly was my first job out of college and I’m so grateful my career with them has been able to evolve with my life.

How do scenes and activities in your own life show up in your art?

I used to live in New York and my paintings have been inspired by walks in Central Park, dates at Bemelman’s Bar, JG Melon and La Grenouille. One of our favorite spots in Winnetka is a French restaurant called Pomeroy, which I have painted. I also love to ski, so I paint a lot of skiiers. When I had my children I started painting more animals and thinking about artwork for children too.

Artwork by Paige Spearin

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Your illustrations are also perfect for personalized gifts and notecards! How do you incorporate your talents for gifting to special people in your life?

I have done almost all my best friend’s “Save the Date” cards for their weddings! I have also painted a lot of handmade birthday cards and place cards for dinners.

As a mother to (now) two children, what’s your favorite creative activity to do with them? Do they enjoy watercolor, too?

My (almost) 3 year old son and I like to paint and draw together. We have a little table and chairs in our kitchen where we sit and use his (washable) art supplies. The Do-A-Dot paint sticks are really fun! We also do a lot of sidewalk chalk in our driveway.

Paige Spearin with her children
What draws you to the Mestiza brand?

I really love the colors, feminine shapes and unique prints!

How does wearing your Mestiza piece make you feel?
This dress reminds me of blue and white ginger jars in the best way! It feels contemporary and classic at the same time. I’m really excited to wear it to a wedding we have this month!

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