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Meet Stacey Marcelo: Wife, Mom, World Traveler, and Health & Wellness Expert!

Introduce yourself! 

Hello! I’m Stacey (@wanderlusthongkong). I’m a wife and Mum to Chloe and Olivier. I have spent the past six years working in the wellness industry in Hong Kong and prior to that was in the hotel world. I’m a lover of nature, adventure, champagne and I am so flattered to be taking part in the tastemakers series!  

Stacey Marcelo of @wanderlusthongkong

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When did you first become interested in the health & wellness scene?  

My Mum has always been into health and wellness so it was always in our lives but I really got into it six years ago when I started working for Hong Kong’s wellness and lifestyle magazine, @liv.magazine. It’s been exciting to see the local wellness scene grow in leaps and bounds and I find the wellness community here very supportive, particularly during the past two years during covid. Everyone has rallied together to #supportlocal. 

You’re a big traveler and have lived in a handful of countries! The Philippines, Australia, Switzerland, France and Spain just to name a few. Where do you reside currently and what do you love about your city? 

I have an adventurous spirit and feel lucky to have had a chance to live in some pretty amazing cities. From learning the language, understanding the culture, forging new friendships and enjoying the food (I’m a big foodie!) those life-altering experiences have most definitely helped shape the person I am today. 

I’ve been based in Hong Kong for 10 years now. I love this city. Hong Kong is a bustling and gritty city but at the same time we are surrounded by nature with easily-accessible hiking trails and some beautiful beaches like Long Ke Wan and Tai Long Wan. 

I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Hong Kong as I experienced many personal milestones here including getting engaged, our civil wedding, both kids were born here and despite it being a very transient city, we have formed some beautiful friendships here. 

What advice do you have for someone who wants to travel more in 2022?

Be flexible! The regulations from country to country are constantly changing and there’s a good chance flight cancellations and delays will happen. Keep a cool head, breathe and just go with the flow. And don’t forget to take out travel insurance. 

What does self-care mean to you and how do you practice it? 

Self-care to me is about nourishing your body and spirit so you can be the best version of yourself. I love sound meditation, yoga, breath-work, pilates, healthy eating (but it’s important to have cheat days too for balance!) and being out in nature. Living in a busy city has made me crave nature escapes. Truly balm for the soul.  

Hong Kong Liv Magazine Stacey Marcelo

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What’s one thing you learned in 2021? 

The art of pivoting. Working for a magazine, we have had to come up with creative new ways to come up with new income streams. 

What draws you to the Mestiza brand? 

Being Filipina myself I am drawn to the story and the women behind the brand. The founders, Alessandra and Louisa, have Filipino roots and I love how they incorporate elements from our heritage into their effortlessly chic designs. I am also attracted to their slow fashion ethos and the quality of their pieces. 

 Tell us how you’re styling your Mestiza piece and where you’re wearing it! 

I’ve kept it simple. Fresh, natural makeup and I’ve kept the jewelry and shoes understated too. I am wearing the dress to my Mum’s 70th birthday celebration and I look forward to wearing it again and again.

Stacey Marcelo style @wanderlusthongkong

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