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Meet Tabitha Willett, Childrenswear & Lifestyle Editor at The Wedding Edition

This week’s Tastemaker, Tabitha Willett, is a London-based fashion influencer and lifestyle editor who you may recognize from the UK based show Made in Chelsea. Now a mother to her four year old daughter, Ottilie, you’ll find her traveling the world and hanging with her King Charles Spaniel, Ruby. Continue reading to learn more about which shows she’s binging these days, why she loves the Carmen Mini Dress, and more!

Introduce yourself! 

My name is Tabitha Willett and I am a 31 year old mother, born and raised in Chelsea, London. I have a love for anything ‘pretty’ whether that be flowers, homeware, jewelry, fashion or childrenswear. My favourite colour is pink and I also have a beautiful blenhein coloured King Charles Spaniel called Ruby.

Tabitha wears the Carmen Mini Dress & Caicos Pearl Earrings

You were born and raised in the UK but travel quite often. What are your top favorite fall vacation spots?

I love to travel and we are so lucky in Europe to have some gorgeous opportunities to travel. In the Autumn Greece is still particularly warm and has a bit of a buzz about it but I love visiting the more touristy locations outside of peak season/school holidays. Ibiza is gorgeous in the Fall.

As a star on the reality show, Made in Chelsea, you gained a lot of attention. What was your favorite part of being on the show? Do you think you will venture into television again if it was the right fit? 

I absolutely loved it, and the best part was working with your best friends every day. I would love to film more now but it is difficult with my 4 year old daughter at the helm! The show also isn’t without it’s dramas and heartbreaks so that’s worth noting!

What television shows are your guilty pleasures?

I love US television shows – way more than UK ones! I binge anything that was originally a book like The Crowded Room (on Apple TV) and Sharp Objects (Sky Atlantic). Nine Perfect Strangers was so excellent too, and so is The Morning Show. If you’re looking for a real guilty pleasure though – in the UK we have a show called Goggle Box which is just watching people watch TV and I cry with laughter.

Has your personal style changed since becoming a mother? If so, what new styles have you adopted? 

My hemlines are certainly a little longer. And I am more wary of how put together I am. My pet peeve is when I get asked if I am my daughter’s nanny so I have tried to smarten myself up, even on the school runs!

You are also a contributor to the lifestyle site, The Wedding Edition. What advice do you have for those who want to become writers? How do they get their foot in the door?

This role fell in my lap and I have loved it so much I am desperate to do more writing for other publications and sites. I would say, find your niche and be genuine to it. Don’t try to sell yourself as a fitness enthusiast or food blogger if you’re just not. There is something for everyone and follow your passion.

Follow Tabitha on Instagram @tabitha.willett

What are three adjectives you would pick to describe your personal style?

Classic, neutral and British.

You’re currently wearing the Carmen Mini Dress and Caicos Pearl Shell Earrings. How does it feel wearing it and what are your favorite elements of this design?

I couldn’t love it more! I have been stopped in the street every time I have worn it! I was actually trained as a dressmaker so I appreciate all the small things like button holes. But on this particular dress it’s the fabric and the demi-boning in the skirt that makes it hang so beautifully as you move. I feel so lucky to be able to wear it! The shell earrings are courtesy of my four year old who is mermaid-obsessed and loves anything with shells! They are so light to wear and I love styling them together too.

What draws you to the Mestiza brand?

It was initially your prints and cuts. The evening wear and black tie gowns are exceptional. Total show stoppers!

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