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Meet Victoria Dunn, Founder of Victoria Dunn Design

Introduce yourself! 

Victoria Dunn, born and raised in Bayfield, Ontario, Canada. I moved to Toronto ON to study a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in finance. I got a corporate job on bay street right out of school working in commercial real estate appraisal, which at the time was my dream job. The entire four years of school I constantly when back and forth between majoring in fashion and majoring in finance. In the end, I chose finance because I thought it was a more practical choice and would present more job opportunities. I met my husband on a work training event, he was representing the Atlanta office and I was representing Toronto. We flew back and forth 3x a month for 9 months and got engaged in April 2020. I moved to the USA September of 2020 and have completely fallen in love with the South. I remember purchasing my first block print dress, I was fascinated by the style and the delicacy. I also remembered think that I could do it better. I struggled with my job transitioning from a Canadian corporate environment to a USA corporate environment. Often I was confused if this was the right career path for myself, watching my husband climb up the corporate ladder when I was left behind. I remember my husband told me if I did not like my life than I should change it. That was the tough love that I desperately needed. 

I started out with bags, expanded into earrings and then dresses. To my disbelief, my business blew up in the span of about 2 months. Fast forward 8 months later, Victoria Dunn is in over 100 stores in the south east and south west, and I simply love what I do. Never let anyone tell you what you can and cant do. 

Victoria of Victoria Dunn Design

Follow Victoria Dunn Design at @victoriadunndesign

What motivated you to create Victoria Dunn

A gap in the fashion industry for affordable block print that is simple yet elegant. I often find block print fashion can be very busy, so I wanted to create pieces that allowed you to admire the beauty of the hand craft 

What is your favorite part of owning your own business? Most challenging? Most rewarding? 

Favourite part of owning my business is designing beautiful pieces, and seeing my customers wear them. I love making woman feel beautiful and confident. The most challenging part is scaling the company to the point that I want to get it to.  The most rewarding part is being in over 100+ brands across the USA 

What in fashion is inspiring you at the moment?

Long maxi dresses, I love how respectable fashion has come back into place. Growing up in Canada, specifically Toronto the fashion industry is very different. I love that in the South woman can wear beautiful dresses and it be tasteful and classy

How do you interpret “invest in yourself?” and what are the types of things you do to invest in/ empower yourself?

I am a firm believer in taking risks. The higher the risk, the higher the return. Sometimes you just have to say you only live once, and go for it. 


Interior designer Victoria Dunn


Victoria Dunn wears the Georgiana Gown in Porcelain Blue

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received about successfully running a business?

Treat each day like it’s a new one and tackle each problem head on. Do not be afraid to hold back, make decisions and let yourself shine. Put your blinders on and focus on you, but always encourage those around you 

Why is it important for you to empower women?

Although we are in 2021, I am a firm believer that we still live in a man’s world. If we do not support each other, who else will? Support your friends, your family and strangers you don’t know. Be the sounding board for those around you and strive to always be confident in your own work and confident for others. Sometimes you can give other woman the push they might need, and the support system that they do not have. 

What draws you to the Mestiza brand? How does your Mestiza piece make you feel? 

What originally drew me to this brand is my love for blue and white, and the women behind it. Going from blogger / content creator to fashion designer, I have been on both ends. I used to collaborate and support so many of my favorite fashion brands, until I started my own line and realized I was not getting the same support back. What drew me to Mestiza is how they support woman, and that is something I find very special and rare. I love brands who are passionate about their products, but also passionate about supporting other businesses, specifically woman owned. Women who are not supporting by other women, cherish this so much more. Mestiza is an incredible brand to me, not only because of what they design, but who they are as designers and supporters, specifically to women.

What’s the best advice you could give to someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?
Do not take no for an answer, and don’t let anyone tell you what you can and cant do. I spent two years in a corporate man’s world trying to climb the corporate ladder. Constantly being told no, and that I was not good enough for the position. Create your own company, chase after your dreams and do not hold back from letting yourself sparkle
Victoria Dunn wears Mestiza New York

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