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Meg McCartney, Lifestyle Blogger

This week's Tastemaker Tuesday features The Marvelous Mrs. McCartney.
What characteristics (cultural, personality, etc.) make you unique?
I think the characteristics that make me unique are definitely that I’m always in a good mood. I’m rooting for everyone to succeed in fulfilling their dreams.
What motivated you to start your own venture sharing your daily styles on The Marvelous Mrs. McCartney?
I was motivated by starting the marvelous Mrs. McCartney and sharing my daily styles and finds because I have always been passionate about clothes, accessories & decor since I was a little girl. It comes natural for me to dress up & decorate for any reason! I was given this opportunity to collaborate with fabulous brands such as mestiza and I took it by storm. I’ve received such positive feedback that has fueled me to continue its growth. It's truly a passion.
Meg McCartney Fashion Influencer
Meg wears a new Mestiza piece, the Carlota Caftan.
How have you ‘made your own fun’ during the pandemic?
How I have had my own fun during the pandemic, I spend a lot of time making collages for my Instagram and like to know it, but all of the meals at home, spending quality time with my loved ones has been a pause we all needed. It has been truly meaningful to remember the little things and how important it is to spend these precious moments with your loved ones. I also walked almost daily and Palm beach and Southampton enjoying the fresh air, gardens & alone time to reflect.
How do you interpret “invest in yourself?” and what are the types of things you do to invest in/empower yourself?
I interpret investing in myself and empowering myself by taking care of myself first, if I’m not well how can I take care of the ones I love most. That said, I try hard to exercise every day, get lots of sleep, I try to eat well, count my blessings and pray for peace daily. 
Why is it important to you to empower women?
It’s important to me to empower women so that each of us do our best to fulfill our dreams. We all deserve to fulfill our passions. Takes a ton of hard work, dedication and discipline but if you really want it you can achieve it!
You have been a loyal client to Mestiza from the beginning, what continues to draw you back to the brand? What other Mestiza pieces do you own?
I have been a loyal client to Mestiza since meeting them at Doubles many years ago. I bought a chic black sleeveless with circular beaded accents and a very retro vibe dress and still have it to this day! I have continued to root these creative designers years after! Their classic styles, elegant materials, and their carefree, fun pieces with tastes & fringe are always eye catching!
Meg McCartney style
Meg wears the Georgiana Gown and the Stephanie Bow Dress.
How did you like the Carlota Caftan?! Any details on how it fit or made you feel?
I was so excited to receive the Carlota caftan ... wow is this stunning..I slipped it on & fit like a glove! I admired the attention to detail, the sequence is the perfect size & the colors are exquisite. They reflect in the light beautifully. I can’t wait to wear it this weekend for Easter. 
Please share an inspirational tip to someone looking to follow your footsteps.
My motto has always been FOLLOW YOUR HEART, GO WITH YOUR GUT, & be true to yourself & passions! We are all born with intuition and I’ve always followed mine. This is the advice I give to anyone looking for their next adventure!

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    Susan: April 29, 2021
    Meg looks amazing in every dress ! Great taste! It was sweet when she said she liked decorating when she was a little girl!
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