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Catch up with Michelle Gage of Michelle Gage Interiors

This week, we're we're thrilled to spotlight Michelle Gage of Michelle Gage Interiors, a Philadelphia-based design firm known for her use of playful prints, vivid colors, and whimsical furnishings. Discover what's new with Michelle, her philosophy when approaching any new project, and the Mestiza styles she pairs with her stunning interiors!

Michelle wears the Delilah Bow Sweater in Ivory

We spoke with you back in May of 2021 (read here!). Since then, what is new with Michelle Gage Interiors? 
Oh gosh, what a flashback! So much is new – we’ve added more team members to the firm and we’re currently in the process of moving into a larger office space. We’re blessed to be working on some exciting projects – like our first official commercial project, a bookstore in St.Michaels, Maryland

What are the first steps you do when you start a design project? 
It all starts with gathering information from the homeowner – what colors or styles they like and dislike, how they need their home to function, do they host, are they in need of more storage. Then our design team starts looking at wallpapers, fabrics and specific pieces of furniture we like for the home – but it all goes back to those initial conversations with the client about their unique preferences.

How would you describe your style?
Eclectic, but that’s such a broad term! Whether it’s my designs or my clothes, I like to always throw in something unexpected. Something that catches your eye and makes you question “do I like this?” It’s all an art and art is subjective. We have prospective clients call us all the time and say, “I love your work but I’m not sure I’m a pink sofa person.” They still hire us but maybe we do something tamer like an emerald velvet.

What draws you to the Mestiza brand? 
That unexpected element! I love the quirk and whimsy that Mestiza offers. The prints are fun but also wearable. I’m drawn to anything that looks like wearable wallpaper! All that said, what we strive to do, and Mestiza does so well – is maintain a level of sophistication. It’s a balance – to be fun but not be gaudy. Mestiza’s look is funky but also refined and polished which makes everything feel so timeless.

Scroll through to see which Mestiza styles Michelle would wear to match the interiors she's designed, and tap the photo to shop the Mestiza look! 










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