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"Being happy never goes out of style"


"Being happy never goes out of style" - Lilly Pulitzer

This week, I’ve been on cloud nine reminiscing about the two back to back girl’s trip I had in late June. We all needed a break... no unloading the dishwasher or folding clothes, no kids, no responsibilities. The plan was no plan and I couldn’t have been more excited. 

I hadn’t seen many of these friends for at least a year and a half, maybe more. Because of COVID, I missed pregnancies, birthday parties, promotions. But the great thing about great friends is that no matter how much time passes, you always pick up where you left off. And for us, that’s laughing! 

Louisa and her friends in some favorites from the Mestiza Summer collection on their recent girl's getaway.

I wouldn’t say the trips felt “back to normal” because it was better than normal. I was so elated to have the privilege of growing older with my friends, to dress up again, to laugh til it hurt and to know that while so much has changed, so much hasn’t either. Each one of my friends still has that same fun, kind  and selfless spirit they did when we met decades ago. 

This week’s letter is a toast to our friends! Whether you’re reuniting, or doing the same old thing, I hope you’re dressed up, cocktail in hand, voiceless the next day from all the cackling you did the night before! 


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