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Sarah Tucker & Molly Boyd, Content Creators, Bloggers, and Sisters

This week's Tastemaker Tuesday feature is a sister act! Sisters and content creators, Sarah Tucker and Molly Boyd know exactly how to create the perfect tablescape for your next event. 

Sarah Tucker & Molly Boyd

Sarah wears the Mindy Mini Dress in Palm Toile and Molly wears the Flora Mini Dress in 3D White Lace (the Flora is available now for pre-order to ship at the end of April/beginning of May).

What characteristics (cultural, personality etc) make you unique?
Molly: I like to find the humor in everything and prefer to march to the beat of my own drum!

Sarah: I've been fortunate to travel a lot - as a child, and as a grown up.  I think seeing parts of our world has really given me great perspective and shown me that we all have so much in common.  Personality wise, I am pretty easy going and flexible. 

How long have the two of you been creating tablescapes? Is that something you have always enjoyed doing together?
Molly: It started during quarantine, our first official tablescape was for Cinco de Mayo, so May of 2020. But- growing up (and still) our mom was always tablescaping so I think it is subconsciously ingrained in our nature. She would have us help set out dishes, glassware, flatware, etc. but she was always the one to turn it into something special by bringing in plants or flowers from her garden and special linens she had collected over the years. I thought of it as a chore back then but now I think it's safe to say Sarah and I love tablescaping together!


Blogger Molly Boyd


Sarah: We started during quarantine.  We had a collaboration with Fifty Flowers, and to showcase our floral packs we created tablescapes to go around them.  Our mom has always LOVED tablescaping, and so we've caught the bug from her.  

Sarah Tucker content creator
Where do you draw inspiration from for these beautiful tablescapes? 
Molly: Everywhere! Oftentimes from nature. Recently, Sarah saw some pretty pink azalea blooming in our parents yard and texted me a picture of them and said "we have to do an azalea tablescape!" 

Sarah: On walks, thrift stores, whatever is blooming!  

How would you describe the other sister’s personal style/ fashion sense? 
Molly: Sarah's style is classic but she's not afraid of a statement piece or to try a new trend. She reminds me of a modern day Audrey Hepburn or Jackie O. She makes everything look effortless!

Sarah: Molly has the best style!  Day to day, Molly elevates any look even if she's in workout clothes.  I am usually in star wars t-shirts and my hair in a bun lol.  She's always had her own sense of style.  I love the way she mixes it up and keeps classic styles fresh and fun.  

Molly Boyd and Sarah Tucker
What pieces in your wardrobe do you treasure as keepsakes that you would want to someday hand down to someone special to you? 
Molly: Dresses that I've worn to special events (like to our rehearsal dinner) I can't seem to part with and would love to pass down one day. 

Sarah: You're going to think this is funny given my profession, but I actually have a super small closet in our very old house, so I donate a lot.  I sold my wedding dress a week after I wore it.  I am extremely sentimental, but not with clothes.  I do still have every Mestiza dress though still in my closet!!  Which, my friends and family would all say, is saying something. 

Molly (Flora Mini Dress in 3D White Lace): I love the bell sleeves and the flowy shift shape paired with a mini length. The 3D lace is so dainty and whimsical and the Palm Toile just makes me want to go on vacation!

Sarah (Mindy Mini Dress in Palm Toile): They are both just so much fun!  You can't help but have a big smile in them, and also I can't help but do a little shimmy and shake in either of them!

Where do you see yourselves wearing these pieces?
Molly: I think the 3D White Lace Flora dress would make a great Easter brunch dress. It's also perfect for any bride-to-be! Definitely one of those pieces you'd want to pass down. 
Sarah: Special occasions! Dinner to a nice restaurant, with bright red lipstick!  

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