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Arielle Patrick, PR Executive

Meet Arielle Patrick, a leader in the world of Manhattan financial consulting with a sharp eye for sophistication. 
Check out the empowering philosophies that have motivated Arielle's career, how she styles up a work day,
and the Mestiza gowns that make her feel her best.
Read the full interview below!
Arielle Patrick PR Executive in NYC
Tell Us Who You Are!
I’m Arielle! I'm a native Manhattanite, Princeton grad, leader in the financial practice at the world’s largest communications consulting firm, dedicated daughter, obsessed sister, and loving fiancé to an incredible man who took these photos (while making fun of me the entire time). In my spare time, I'm also a board member of a few large nonprofits, and an angel investor in two female-owned businesses.
Walk us through your career- how did you end up where you are?
Two words: sleepless nights. Also, I have amazing parents who provided critical guidance every step of the way, and a vast and powerful network of friends and mentors.
How do you strike a good balance between work and home life?
Right now, I stay home, because it’s the right thing to do. The only way I’ve survived the pandemic is making sure that I leave the city at least a few days a week to spend time at my family’s weekend home in CT. If I don’t get a hike, run, swim, or dinner with family in at least once a day… I am toast. I also spend a lot of time reminding myself of (and reading) my “gratitude list,” which I keep on my phone. Although I know I’m incredibly lucky to have a fruitful career, it’s incredibly stressful right now to work 24/7. That list keeps me centered.
What does success mean to you as a woman in business?
Bringing other women along, and pulling up a folding chair so they, too, have a seat at the table. It’s trite, but true.
Tell us about your office style!
These days, it’s one of my fiancé’s oversized oxfords coupled with spandex that clients can’t see.
Arielle Patrick personal style 
What draws you to the Mestiza brand?
Quite simply: the co-founders. Louisa and Alessandra are two of the most impressive business owners, mothers, and role models out there. Their dedication to their careers, families, all while paying close attention to excellent craftmanship and customer service is, in one word, remarkable.
How would you style a Mestiza piece for work?
If you throw a silk scarf (my preference, Hermes) on any dress, you can cover up your shoulders and cleavage and immediately make it “corporate.” It’s far more interesting than putting on a blazer and compromising the beautiful detail.
What are your favorite pieces?
These two have been staples in my wardrobe since the moment the Company launched. They’re classic.

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