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Emma Cortes, Filipina Content Creator

Meet Emma Cortes, a content creator from Seattle with a passion for travel and empowering her stylish audience with tips for growing their personal brands. 
Check out Emma's tips for first-time bloggers, the Filipino traditions she holds closest to heart, and the Mestiza gowns that make her feel her best.
Read the full interview below!
Emma Cortes, Filipina Content Creator

Tell us about yourself!
Hi I’m Emma! I’m a Seattle content creator. I recently wrapped up my corporate career in aerospace to pursue content creation and blogging full time. My blog and Instagram Emma’s Edition aims to inspire the modern woman to create and travel in style. I love sharing fashion inspiration, content creation tips, and Instagram worthy places. I also co-host the Content Creatives Podcast where I share weekly tips and lessons to build and grow your brand with my friend Maddy.
 Co-founders Louisa and Alessandra bonded over their shared roots in the Philippines. Can you tell us a little bit more about your ties to the country?
My grandfather fought in World War 2 alongside the US forces. After he served in the war, he petitioned for US citizenship for his family. He first immigrated to Hawaii and brought my dad and the rest of his siblings over when their petition was approved. My dad later moved to Los Angeles, CA after a few years in Hawaii.
My dad later met my mom after vacationing in the Philippines. They got married in Manila and my mom left the Philippines to join my dad in Los Angeles – where I was born.
Emma Cortes personal style
 What inspired you to start blogging?
During my senior year of college, I knew I was going to step into either a corporate career in aerospace or in the consumer-packaged goods industry. I wanted to have a space I could share my love of fashion and creativity, so I started Emma’s Edition for fun.
 What does the word “Mestiza” mean to you?
It means bringing two or more cultures together. The Philippines was under Spanish rule for over 300 years and then it became a US territory after the Spanish American War. The Philippines has fused these cultures within its own culture in its own unique way!
Emma Cortes, Filipina Content Creator wears Mestiza New York
  What are some of your favorite aspects of Filipino culture?
My favorite aspects of Filipino culture are food, family, and hospitality. Our family celebrations are usually centered around plates of pancit, adobo, BBQ, lumpia, sometimes lechon, and other traditional Filipino dishes. Family and community are vital to Filipino culture. Being raised in a collectivist culture at home showed me how important it was to be there for family. And lastly, I love how warm and inviting the Filipino culture is. I grew up with my family inviting my friends of all heritages and walks of life to our family parties.
 Do you have any tips/tricks for aspiring bloggers?
I highly recommend starting out by outlining your mission statement and defining why you want to start your blog. You have to start with your purpose before you build anything.
 What draws you to the Mestiza brand? 
I love the beautiful, feminine pieces!
 What are your favorite Mestiza pieces?
Of course the Puff Puff Midi and I also love Pericon Midi!

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