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Eva Noblezada, Filipina Broadway Actress

Tastemaker Tuesday: Meet Eva Noblezada

This week we talked with Eva Noblezada, a Broadway actress, who we first fell in love with when we saw her in Hadestown. 

 Eva Noblezada, Filipina Broadway Actress

Eva is wearing the Valora Midi Dress.

When did you first perform? 

My first ever performance was at Northwest School of the Arts as an Ensemble Member in Cinderella. My one and only solo line was “Why shouldn’t he propose to me?” I’ve been singing since I was a little girl. I fell in love with music the second I heard it through Mama’s belly.

 Eva Noblezada on stage

What initially attracted you to theater?

I love the magic of theatre. I love getting lost in a story and behind someone's eyes. It’s such a give and take of the soul. And going on an emotional journey with an audience and with my beautiful cast members is the ultimate reward. I love my job. 

Has there been a certain show that has left a big impact on you? 

I would say Miss Saigon. I got the role of Kim when I was so young. I grew up with Kim and she and the experience definitely taught me a lot. She taught me strength and endurance. And being a lead taught me patience and allowed me to grow in more ways than I thought. Every role I do adds a different color to my life. It’s extremely special to me.

 Eva Noblezada, Filipina Actress

What's the biggest challenge about performing on Broadway?  

I would say…two things. Time management and mental exhaustion. Each day is dedicated to having the energy to do the show. So the things that make me happy like, bike riding, going for lunch with friends, painting and writing music..there isn’t enough time to do them in a day. And when a show is done and I’m home and tired, I’m too drained to even start on new projects. Very grateful for the time now during Quarantine to get projects done and reignite old passions!

Who are some of your favorites performers?

Andre De Shields. He’s a legend. He’s a king. He’s an angel. It’s an honor to know him and it’s an honor to work with him. I love that man very much and when he opens his mouth to talk it’s almost like the world stops to listen. I also hugely admire Anais Mitchell and Rachel Chavkin of course! Two extraordinary women who worked hand in hand to create and chisel this beautiful prophetic masterpiece into the epic it is. 

Eva Noblezada Broadway Actress

How would you describe your personal style?

I would say…Parisian painter who cherishes designer pieces but is a self proclaimed vintage/thrift Queen! Messy dungarees over a bra one second and then a YSL little black dress. Of course my favorite two accessories…sparkly jewelry and a glass of gin. 

How has your style been affected by quarantine? Do you find yourself dressing up or down?

I am dressing up and down! I’ve loved messing around my apartment in comfy high waist sweats and old T-Shirts. I’ve forced my scissors on multiple old tees and now I have a collection of off the shoulders and crops. 

When I dress up it really really lifts the mood and makes me feel a lot more confident even if there are no plans on the schedule. Even wearing a shoe inside I’ve found helped put a pep in my step. I’ve fallen in love again with my wardrobe. I even took the time to go through every piece of clothing and donate ones that I wasn’t truly in love with… my closet looks close to perfect now!

What are your favorite Mestiza pieces? 

Man so many!! Mestiza has so many stunning pieces it’s hard to choose a favorite. I would say I love the VALORA midi dress. And the COSETTE midi. It’s the perfect afternoon glass of champagne dress. :)

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    susan: July 30, 2020

    Maganda! So proud of your accomplishments, Eva! Its wonderful to see a Filipina on Broadway.
    I hope to see you perform!

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