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Veronica Popoiacu, Romanian Lifestyle Artist

Veronica Popoiacu, Romanian Lifestyle Artist
This week we spoke to Veronica from @bittersweetcolours, a lifestyle artist and blogged based in Pennsylvania.
Tell us who you are!
Hi, my name is Veronica Popoiacu I am an artist and writer of a fashion/ lifestyle blog: I am originally from Romania and currently living in Pennsylvania, United States with my husband Bogdan and our 2 young children, Noah and Caroline.
Why did you start blogging?
I can briefly say: For the love of fashion and for having too much time in our hands at that time ( Bogdan and I), 9 years ago. It was partially his idea :) He once said I should “document” my outfits. He was thinking more like in making an album/ book. I wasn’t into that.In fact the idea has even deeper roots, I was on POLYVORE (years before starting my blog) where I was creating sets with different celebrities, bloggers from that time and at one point I said why not? The idea of starting my own blog grew in me and I decided to start Bittersweet Colours. Until this day, Bogdan, is my photographer. Another creative outlet for both of us.
Veronica Popoiacu, Romanian Lifestyle Artist
Who are your style icons?
The classics: Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn.
How has your background of art influenced the photos you take? 
One thing that I know for sure is that I love to express my mood through photos and most of the time I let my creativity run wild. I am a visual storyteller, not so much verbal, same as in my art.
Veronica Popoiacu, Romanian Lifestyle Artist
What do you consider essentials to throw a successful garden party?
Location is what I consider one of the most important part for either garden parties & picnics. The rest of the details flow in naturally. And yes, flowers, always flowers!
What has been your favorite part about being a mother?
I’m hands down sold to the tiniest details: their little hands around my neck, kisses and hugs with no reason anytime, anywhere, the way they call me “mama” by Noah and “mami” by Caroline, all these moments melt everything around me. Of course followed by many other aspects.Being silly without making excuses is acceptable now :)
Has becoming a mother changed/influenced your style?
I recall one major change and that is in the shoe category. I downsized from 10” heels  (before babies) to kitten heels and flats mostly. Now I’m more into comfortable, practical shoes where I can run after the kids but still having that feminine look put together. Luckily both work just fine with my classic style & motherhood all together.
Veronica Popoiacu, Romanian Lifestyle Artist
What are your favorite Mestiza pieces?
The Georgiana gown is a blue & white dream and from the same breathtaking category I love the Puff Puff gown.

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