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The Sunday Scroll: Vogue

Scroll along with us this Sunday and flip through covers of Vogue Magazine paired with similar styles by Mestiza. We hope this provides fashion inspiration for you during New York Fashion Week! Click our images to make these styles your own. 
Margot Robbie Vogue Cover
Vogue August 2023. Mestiza, Chianti Mini Dress.
Russian Vogue Cover
Vogue Russia 2011. Mestiza, Lorena Gown.
Vogue 1964 with Audrey Hepburn
Vogue January 1964. Mestiza, Elliana Barong Midi Dress.
Vogue Australia 1962
Vogue Australia 1962. Mestiza, Carmen Mini Dress.
Vogue, October 2016.
Vogue October 2016. Mestiza, Lia Midi Dress.
Vogue Paris 1969
Vogue Paris 1969. Mestiza, Flora Mini Dress.
Vogue September 1950
Vogue September 1950. Mestiza, Valencia Midi Dress.
Vogue July 1963Vogue July 1963. Mestiza, Valeria Mini Dress.
Vogue Deutsch 1987
Vogue Deutsch 1987. Mestiza, Stephanie Bow Dress.
Vogue January 1974
Vogue January 1974. Mestiza, Maria Crochet Midi Dress.
Vogue Japan 2002
Vogue Japan 2002. Mestiza, Shimmy Shimmy Tassel Dress.

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