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Clary Pfeiffer, Photographer

This week's Wedding Wednesday features Clary Pfeiffer and her photography! She specializes "in capturing destination weddings throughout the United States, Europe, and beyond!" Film is one of her favorite mediums because of its "painterly quality and beautiful skin tones, and I use digital for lowlight reception images." 
Clary Pfeiffer, Photographer
How did you get into photography? Why did you choose bridal photography? 
"While studying for my fine arts degree, I gravitated towards photography. There is an unfading beauty and romance in photographs, and there is nothing better than documenting a bride on her wedding day!"
What are your favorite shoot locations in STL and NYC? 
In St. Louis, Forest Park is gorgeous with its huge trees and natural moments of tall grass. I also love the Art Museum which overlooks a vast pool. In New York City, photographing at any location that is usually super crowded, but at sunrise, feels completely different. Photographing couples, while everything is quiet and empty, make the images unique."
Are there any photographers or styles that inspire you? 
"Yes, so many! Tawny Chatmon (@tawnychatmon) is a photography-based artist who paints embellishments on her photographs. The texture and depth of her work is stunning, and she has a few pieces at Fotografiska New York. Sally Mann (@sally_mann_) is a long time favorite! Her black and white large scale landscape work is hauntingly beautiful. Jamie Beck ( is another favorite! Following her over the years has been such an experience, but her most recent work is incredibly inspiring. She created a photograph from day one in quarantine to make a set of images filled with grace and hope throughout 60 days. You can purchase posters for each day- my personal favorites are one, three, and thirty-four!"
How would you describe your aesthetic? 
"Timeless and intentional. I love creating images that feel even better than what couples remember! 
Louisa Rechter wedding photograph
In quarantine, many are looking to pick up new skills. Do you have any suggestions on how to get started with photography? What tips/tricks do you recommend to achieve a professional and creative look? 
"Whatever it is that you love, start photographing it! Whether it be your love of food, or architecture, or even setting up a still life of flowers (, start shooting! Learn about lighting and manual settings! Some great photography books to start with are Vision Mongers by David duChemin and Film is Not Dead by Jonathan Canlas and Kristen Kalp." 
Have you had many brides postpone or cancel their weddings? If so, what is some advice you could give to other business owners or vendors on how to cope during this time? 
"Almost all of my couples have needed to postpone into next year. It was super sad for a few months realizing that my couples wouldn't be able to have their celebrations, bu next year will be here in no time! The best thing I have found is to treat this moment in time as a sabbatical. Business owners are always working in overdrive, and we don't stop, but now we have to. Use this time to slow down, grow a garden, master the dream recipe, and give yourself grace!" 
What draws you to the Mestiza brand? 
"The founders, Alessandra and Louisa! Working with them for Louisa's Wedding Gown firsthand showed me their talent in creating thoughtful pieces with vision behind each design. I loved seeing them together in their studio creating the layers of lace and the gown come to life!" 
Clary Pfeiffer Wedding Photographer
What are some Mestiza pieces that would be great for brides/bridal parties/mother-of-the-bride etc?
"The Georgiana Floral Gown would be incredible for a bride who wanted something different, and all of the lace gowns are perfect for any wedding event when celebrating! I love the tassel dresses, and see those for the bridal party and even a mother-of-the-bride in a garden wedding!
What's next for you?! What are you working on?
"I'm currently working on an editorial with a fantastic group of wedding friends. The inspiration is from this silk wallpaper in the Villa we are photographing. There will be a focus on beautiful food, colorful details, and dream paper goods! In between, I'll be watching my garden grow!" 

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