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Elizabeth Victoria, Wedding Photographer

This week's Wedding Wednesday features Elizabeth Victoria and her gorgeous wedding photos! Elizabeth has been a wedding photographer for over 12 years and loves creating "beautiful, colorful, romantic, awe-inspiring images!" When she's not working, you'll find her active outdoors! 
Elizabeth Victoria, Wedding Photographer
How did you get into photography? And then bridal photography? 
"My best friend had asked me to start shooting commercial/stock photography for her, and we became fairly successful with that. I was later approached by another friend who wanted wedding photos. I fell in love with the rush and uniqueness of wedding photography. How all weddings are so similar, yet so completely different at the same time. I really enjoy capturing the sweet, romantic moments, and all the beautiful details!" 
What was your favorite shoot location? 
"If there’s nature involved, it will always be at the top of my list. I love a gorgeous beach sunset though, so if I’m able to capture that, it’s usually going to be my favorite." 
Are there any photographers or styles that inspire you? 
"I love natural, classic, romantic, but really colorful images. Whenever I see pictures that have that look and feel, I’m instantly drawn to them."
How would you describe your aesthetic? 
"I’d consider my aesthetic to be bright, colorful, romantic, and elegant. I want to create wedding images that look just like they did on the wedding day, but a teeny-bit prettier."
Any tips/tricks to achieve a professional and creative look?
"Practice, practice, practice! Not just shooting, but everything. Look at your images on the computer afterwards, and think about what could have made it better? Pay attention to the way light hits your subject. Look up professional photographs online and see how they’re framed, how the light is, what’s in the background. If it’s in the frame of your camera, every little detail you normally wouldn’t think about needs to be thought about."
Have you had many brides postpone or cancel their weddings? Any advice to vendors/other businesses on how to cope during this time? 
"I’ve been very fortunate and have only had postponements thus far. With the situation being what it is, there’s not much we can do about it other than know it’s not just happening to you even though it feels that way. I let my clients know that I’m there for them and will accommodate them as best as I can. I’d want other vendors/businesses to remember that they’re not alone, there’s so many of us that are going through this situation, and I believe it will go back to normal eventually." 
What's next for you?! What are you working on? 
"I’m constantly tweaking small aspects of my business. My website, my marketing, even my style is constantly evolving. But honestly, right now I’m just taking it day by day. I’m trying to look at this situation like a forced hiatus, where I’m able to enjoy more down-time than I normally have."

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