Mestiza New York is a fashion start-up created by co-founders Alessandra Perez-Rubio and Louisa Rechter. Originally inspired by the founder’s shared Philippine-American heritage, their collections are both bold and elegant while tying in various cultural influences. All the while, the garments have contemporary price points to make luxury more affordable. However, at the core of the brand is the collaboration and respect amongst the employees, which makes them feel like part of a family as soon as they join the community.


The Mestiza New York office is located in the Flatiron District of Manhattan. This area has a creative energy as a hub for start-ups. Not to mention, it is filled with diverse dining, shopping and history. Specifically, we are situated in Brand Assembly’s New York loft space. Brand Assembly describes itself as a fashion ecosystem and community where brands can succeed and discovery takes place. The space sets the perfect environment with a lot of light, open spaces, and communication amongst workers.


With the entrepreneurial start of Mestiza and the other Brand Assembly companies surrounding us, that spirit continues on with a passion to expand our ideas and our creations. Respect among employees is crucial for Mestiza as well as a good work/life balance. When faced with a challenge, our roles become flexible to work on it as a team. We truly believe that by tackling challenges together we can resolve them, as we have in the past.


Mestiza New York is committed to providing thoughtful and enriching experiences to college and graduate students.  With a strong emphasis in Design/Development and Graphic design, the internship offers invaluable experience that will help kick-start any career.  Applicants must be enrolled as a student to receive college credit.  Please submit portfolios and resumes to  


  • A thorough knowledge of the fashion industry
  • Some past fashion or tech experience is helpful
  • We expect employees to be self-starters, resourceful, willing to be flexible and to creatively approach and resolve challenges


If you are interested in pursuing a career at Mestiza, please send a resume and cover letter to