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The Fashion Week Convertible Collection

Mestiza New York is pleased to present the Mestiza Convertible Collection; a capsule of dresses with clever adjustable and reversible features to offer the customer multiple looks within a single garment.

In response to the “less is more” consumer mentality, the co-founders behind the company aimed to maintain the feminine, vintage aesthetic that defines their brand but give certain products a modern functionality to extend the number of wears. Co-founder, Louisa Rechter explains “our customer loves wearing her Mestiza pieces over and over again, but doesn’t always want others to see her wearing the same thing. The Mestiza Convertible Collection allows her to switch up her look while still feeling comfortable in what she knows looks good on her.”

The collection features best-selling dresses with iconic Mestiza prints that can now be turned inside out to reveal a more conservative solid. There are three show-stopping evening gowns that, with the swipe of a zipper, become a completely new look for more casual occasions. Their newest creation, the Citrine Gown, morphs from full length into a midi, a mini and into a top- the perfect selection for a bride who needs multiple outfit changes. 

Co-founder and designer, Alessandra Perez-Rubio elaborates: “it has always been important to us to be a brand with purpose and longevity. Rather than increasing production or releasing new product categories, we are evolving in a way that feels organic and truly in tune with our customer’s needs.”

Below, find out how to wear each of our Convertible Collection Styles. 

the dominique convertible gown

The Dominique Convertible Gown is the ONLY dress you need to pack on vacation because it satisfies casual and formal dressing. This gown consists of two pieces: a pleated skirt and a floral top that can be worn as three different looks. 

How to Wear the Dominique as a Gown: Connect the pleated skirt and the floral top using the clear buttons on the lower sides of the top, to create a one-piece formal look.

How to Wear the Dominique as a Top: Detach the floral top from the skirt to transform it into a chic top. Pair it with the Mestiza Teresa Mini Skirt or with your favorite jeans.

How to Wear the Dominique as a Flowy Maxi Dress: Remove the floral top by unzipping its exposed separating zipper. Next,  pull the skirt up over your bust and use the optional spaghetti straps for support. The elasticized smocked waistband easily adjusts over most busts.

the lia and cecily reversible dresses

The Lia Reversible Midi Dress is your favorite day-to-night silhouette that can be styled two different ways for different occasions. And, it has as extra bonus features: pockets and a removable belt!

First Way to Wear the Lia: Wear the floral print outwards. 

Second Way to Wear the Lia: Unzip the exposed back zipper and turn the dress inside-out to expose and wear the beautiful solid sky blue side.


Crafted from printed stretch crepe, we’ve put a new spin on our best-selling Cecily Mini Dress. Now you can wear your favorite dress multiple times without anyone noticing.

First Way to Wear the Cecily: Wear the floral print outwards.

Second Way to Wear the Cecily: Turn the dress inside-out to expose and wear the beautiful solid sky blue fabric.

marseille convertible

Crafted in a light pink toile printed poplin, our Marseille Convertible Gown can be styled two ways. Perfect for the girl who always RSVPs ‘yes!’ 

How to Wear the Marseille as a Gown: No changes needed! Just wear as is! 

How to Wear the Marseille as a Midi Dress: Simply unzip the lower tier and your gown instantly becomes a midi dress!

Citrine convertible

The Citrine Convertible Gown is designed to be worn up to four different ways. With clearly labeled tags inside the dress, each tier can be unzipped to reveal a new style. Each tier is easy to zip back on if needed. It’s the perfect product for the girl whose weekend is packed with events. 

How to Wear the Citrine as a Gown: Simply keep all the tiers zipped into place to wear this style as a floor length gown. 

How to Wear the Citrine as a Midi Dress: Under the scalloped tier, unzip the exposed zipper of the lower tier to create a midi dress.

How to Wear the Citrine as a Mini Dress: Under the middle scalloped tier, unzip the exposed zipper to create a mini dress.

How to Wear the Citrine as a Top: Under the waistline scalloped tier, unzip the exposed zipper to create a cute top and pair with the Mestiza Teresa skirt. 


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