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The Sunday Scroll: Retro Fashion

Today's Sunday Scroll is all about embracing retro fashion styles inspired by geometric silhouettes, eye-catching prints, and mini skirts and dresses. We hope you enjoy these images of past styles that have inspired our collection! 
Veruschka style
Clarke, Henry. Veruschka. 1964. 
Mia Farrow style
Mia Farrow. 1960s.
Audrey Hepburn style
Audrey Hepburn in “Paris When it Sizzles.” 1962.
Mestiza. The Corazon Top and Seville Skirt
Lilly Pulitzer style
Lilly Pulitzer for W Magazine. 1993. 
Mia Farrow Style
Bailey, David. Mia Farrow for Vogue. 1967.
Fashion clutches
Unknown. Woman with Clutch. 
Mestiza x Rafe New York. Dome Straw Clutch

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