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Molly Hoegan, Client, Defines Style

Aging gracefully is every woman's big goal - we all want to reach our 60s and still be mistaken for a young 40 year old! Believe me, I'm still 19 and I'm already slathering on the face lotions and serums to make sure these long college nights aren't leaving a permanent effect.

If there's any woman who you can look to for inspiration on aging gracefully and gorgeous-ly, it's Molly. This beauty is only 53 but is still killing it at the looks and style game - just take a peek at her pictures for proof! Today we're asking her about her top tips for dressing and styling, as well as where she draws her own inspiration from. Time to find out how Molly is always looking #magicinmestiza!


1. Who inspires your sense of style?

I think my mother’s 60s & 70s wardrobe was the beginning of my fascination with clothing and fashion. Despite many fashion missteps & poor choices in the 80s & 90s, I feel like I finally (for the most part) figured out what works for me.. I love dresses..especially short dresses that swing when you awkward lines. I love classic pieces but great fabrics - like silk, linen, cashmere and velvet. Sometimes a bow, tassels and sequins are impossible to resist when they’re well done! I have tons of black, white, gray & navy in my wardrobe, but I think pink is a neutral too! I think that one needs to find the trends that work for her and add some into a wardrobe that flatters an individual style.

Molly Hoegan

Look just as fabulous as Molly in our Shimmy Shimmy Dress in Ivory!

2. What, in your opinion, is a huge fashion faux pas?

To me, a fashion faux pas is over-dressing or over-accessorizing.

3. Share something no one knows about you.

I am 53, so thinking of something no one knows about me is quite a challenge! From a young age, I disliked going to sleep at the designated time...I would convince babysitters to let me stay up with them, with the promise that i would pretend to be asleep when my parents returned. (FOMO, I guess) Later, I would read in my closet (walk-in) by flashlight so my parents would think I was asleep. 

This dress is sadly a part of our Vintage collection and no longer available, but you can shop the rest of our dresses collection here!

4. What's your favorite Mestiza NY item from our new Fall 2018 collection? What would you style it with?

My favorite Mestiza fall 2018 is Look 10..(but the sequin striped dress is phenomenal too!) I think it can be worn at least 3 seasons, and can be dressed up or down.

I would accessorize with diamond drop or hoop earrings and bracelets (try this option also!), a box clutch & strappy sandals or d’Orsay pumps, depending on the occasion ..I think metallic or black would be more classic but a pop of color is always fun for the right event!

Regardless, the dress is one that should be the focal point!


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