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Mary Ellen Cowhey, Wife and Mother

This week we're back with another Mestiza-clad beauty - Mary Ellen! The proud mother of a U.S. Marine, you'd be hard pressed to find this woman looking anything other than gorgeous. Today we're getting some tips and tricks from Mary Ellen on where she draws her style inspiration from, what her fashion no-no's are, and how she'd choose to style some of our newest Fall 2018 designs!

Mary Ellen is on the far right, stunning the camera in one of our vintage Mestiza dresses! This particular cut is no longer available, but you can shop the rest of our collection here!

Mary Ellen


1. Who inspires your sense of style?

Carolina Herrera, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Isaac Mizrahi.
All of the above exude a sense of classic and lady like style with a touch of whimsy for fun!

Mary Ellen is on the left, looking gorgeous in our vintage Banana Leaf Shimmy Shimmy Dress! This dress is no longer available, but you can shop the rest of our Shimmys and dresses here!

2. What, in your opinion, is a huge fashion faux pas?

Women not dressing within their own “comfort zone”. I think being comfortable in your own skin and knowing what works for your body type along with your personality is what works best when shopping.  So, for me, the biggest fashion faux pas is to dress in a way that is not true to your own personality and sense of style.

Mary Ellen stands out from the crowd in yet another gorgeous Mestiza outfit! Like the previous two dresses, this one is also vintage. Click here to find your own special Mestiza dress that you can wear for years to come!

3. Share something that no one knows about you:

I have traveled to more countries than states in the US,
I was a college athlete,
I am the mother of a United States Marine, and
I love to dance.

4. What’s your favorite Mestiza item from Fall 2018, and what would you style it with?

Okay, this was not easy for me! I seriously could own almost everything in this collection… I finally decided that look #3 would be my first choice. Spending half my time in New York/New Jersey and the other half in Florida, this dress will translate well in different climates.
I would style this dress with hot pink silk kitten heels, matching H clutch (in rose pourpre), and hot pink silk wrapped double drop earrings, black watch, and a stack of enamel H bracelets in coordinating colors (in bleu imperial, rouge corail, vert aqua).

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  • Author image
    LOUISA RECHTER: September 29, 2018

    We love Mary Ellen! She is the best.

  • Author image
    Chandler MacWilliam: September 28, 2018

    Loved reading this. Mary Ellen has such excellent taste! xo

  • Author image
    JAN BENNETT: September 27, 2018

    Love her style and of course her. She should be your permanent blogger! The girl is class.

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